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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Another Interview In Cyberspace


America Online

From August 21, 1996

Question: Mr. Kaye, You have so many fans on the internet (not just AOL) and we were wondering if you receive your fan mail that is sent via e-mail to ABC? I've sent you an invitation to a chat, and was wondering if you ever got that?
Thorsten Kaye: I'm not computer literate and to tell you the truth, I didn't get your invitation.
Question: I just wanted to say that I enjoyed meeting you very much at Starfest ' 96 in March. You were very nice and I thank you for the hug! I was wondering if you are going to go to Starfest ' 97? By the way I love your accent.
Thorsten Kaye: I'm not sure what my schedule is for '97.....what accent?
Question: Do you enjoy working with Robin Strasser? I've met her before and she seems like a very fun person. You two seem to have such chemistry together.
Thorsten Kaye: I love working with Robin..
Question: Hello Thorsten I think you are great & love you where do you see yourself in 6 months, father to Blair's child or loving Marty ?
Thorsten Kaye: Maybe both.
Question: Hi, Mr. Kaye, thanks for your time and fine performance! I'd like to know what you think of the 96 Dolphins, plz?
Thorsten Kaye: They look promising. It's always hard to judge a team in the pre-season. I will be in Miami for the home opener.
Question: Do you know any radical jokes?
Thorsten Kaye: Yes.
Question: We love your work and think you're terrific. 2 Questions: First, can you give us any glimmer of hope for Marty and Patrick? Second, did you enjoy the Whidbey Island Liquor which we sent to you?
Thorsten Kaye: There's always hope in daytime! The bottle was lovely. I'm glad that I have this chance to thank you for sending it.
Question: Hello from the President of the Rangers Fan Club :o)! What surprises you the most about the fan support, popularity and all of the attention both you and Patrick are receiving?
Thorsten Kaye: A player is only as good as the ice he's skating on. I appreciate the support, and am also surprised at the amount of it. Go Rangers!
Question: Mr. Kaye, I am here representing a great group of your fans.,...If you could say Hi to The Morning Crew, they would be thrilled! Thanks
Thorsten Kaye: Hi Morning Crew! Best wishes!
Question: Please, have you started building your Harley-Davidson yet (in your *spare* time!!)?
Thorsten Kaye: I have no spare time. I'm still walking!
Question: Do you have a favorite Shakespearean character that you have portrayed? Would you like to involve more Shakespeare on OLTL?
Thorsten Kaye: My favorite character is probably Dogberry from Much Ado About Nothing. If it were up to me, I'd incorporate Shakespeare into OLTL regularly. It's a great way to educate.
Question: Hi Thorsten, I live in SF Bay Area. Heard you were in town a little while ago. Will you be making an appearance here again soon?
Thorsten Kaye: A friend of mine opened a restaurant in San Leandro called Isernia. Best food I've ever had. You bet I'll be back!
Question: Who do you share a dressing room with?
Thorsten Kaye: Clint Richie, who plays Clint Buchanan.
Question: If you had any control on the direction Patrick would take, where would you like to see the character go?
Thorsten Kaye: Forward.
Question: Hi TK, what has been your most memorable scene on the show so far. Also, do you answer your fan mail?
Thorsten Kaye: My first day was the most memorable because it was a different environment for me. I try to answer my fan mail, although I am way behind in doing so.
Question: How much of your fan mail do you actually get to see?
Thorsten Kaye: I read every letter sent to me.
Question: If things were to dramatically change on the show for the better...multi-dimensional characterizations, creative plotting & writing...would you consider re-signing w/the show for a year?
Thorsten Kaye: My re-signing or not re-signing has nothing to do with the show. It will be a personal decision that I will make.
Question: Are you a poet at heart? If your not married it's a great turn on to use.
Thorsten Kaye: We're all poets at heart. It should be a turn-on regardless.
Question: You are terrific on the show great work. Love you with Marty Will you and Marty end up together will she leave finally leave Dylan cause she belongs with you :)
Thorsten Kaye: You will have to ask Margaret!
Question: A little gossip... Is Blair (I can't remember her real name) and James DePaiva married?
Thorsten Kaye: Yes.
Question: HI TK. My 5 year old son wants to know why you have to do so much "mushing" on TV with the ladies.
Thorsten Kaye: I'm not allowed to do it in real life so I have to do it on TV.
Question: What future plans do you have? In terms of your career, are there any possibilities of big screen or made for TV movies?
Thorsten Kaye: A future is something you look back on after it's finished.
Question: Because your name is Patrick , does it make it easier or harder playing a guy named Patrick?
Thorsten Kaye: My name is Thorsten. My brother's name is Patrick. He plays Thorsten on a different soap. LOL!
Question: Are you going to be at Disney MGM Oct. 19/20, 1996. Any other OLTL members?
Thorsten Kaye: Yes, I'll be there. Lots of us will be there.
Question: The LEAST favorite Shakespearean role you have ever played and why?
Thorsten Kaye: I try not to play things that I don't care for.
Question: Do you have any other projects in development?
Thorsten Kaye: There's a book that I'd like to make into a movie. It's about swords, fire, horses and true love.
Question: Love your work. What would be your ultimate acting job?
Thorsten Kaye: Heathcliff.
Question: Is that your real accent?
Thorsten Kaye: Yes, it is.
Question: What do you see yourself doing in five years. (By the way, thanks for coming).
Thorsten Kaye: Playing somebody older.
Question: Think you will ever be visiting Nashville, Tenn?
Thorsten Kaye: I love Nashville. I've visited there often.
Question: When (if?) you have the free time to read, what do you like, and who is/are your favorite authors?
Thorsten Kaye: I'm a big fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Question: Where would you like to see Your character, Patrick, go?
Thorsten Kaye: To the Wild Swan Inn.
Question: Do you ever visit the Chat Room or talk to fans online on your own?
Thorsten Kaye: No, I'm not allowed in the Chat Room without a chaperone!
Question: Any plans to do a TV movie with your friend JACK SCALIA? I saw you (when you had less hair and a longer name) in Deadly Desire w/him - you 2 would be a great screen combo!
Thorsten Kaye: I'd like to work with Jack again. He's one of the best people I know.
Question: Hi Thorsten...finished dog sitting?...I told you I would have fed the dog for you. Question is: do you prefer living on the east or west coast?
Thorsten Kaye: I miss the beach.
Question: How do you like working with Roger Howarth again?
Thorsten Kaye: I'm looking forward to working with Roger.
Question: Who's your buddy (good friend) from the show?
Thorsten Kaye: Bob Woods (Bo Buchanan) is a good friend.
Question: Mr. Kaye, how do you like your role?
Thorsten Kaye: It's as close to me as anything I've played.
Question: Heard you're about to become a published author! Can you tell us about it??? Good to talk to you again!
Thorsten Kaye: There is a book coming out in November with Patrick's thoughts and poetry. My thoughts won't be published for another ten years!
Question: What do you think about the LOOP club and any other club that have formed on your behalf? Do you find it flattering or annoying?
Thorsten Kaye: It's flattering.
Question: I have taught an undergraduate theatre course for 3 years, and find the experience to be both frustrating and rewarding, in light of my love for theatre, and their overall lack of enthusiasm (with a few exceptions). I wondered if you could briefly address your teaching experience in that regard.
Thorsten Kaye: I don't know how anything can be frustrating and rewarding at the same time. Be patient with them. I miss teaching tremendously.
Question: TK hi from Phoenix. Please don't leave next year. Now that that is out of the way. Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?
Thorsten Kaye: Phoenix.
Question: My sister wants to know...boxers or briefs?
Thorsten Kaye: Boxers.
Question: Is it hard to speak with another accent? I know you are English, not Irish.
Thorsten Kaye: It's easy, unless you are Irish and you have to listen to it.
Question: You are really awesome. How old are you?
Thorsten Kaye: I'm 30.
Question: Hi, Thorsten, I know this is an unusual request but my kitten Harley is here...he's a big fan of yours and wants to know if you like cats, and if you'll say hi to him? (But his favorite OLTL actor is Gossamer.) Thanks! Kathy
Thorsten Kaye: Hi Harley and Kathy. It's hard to go jogging with cats!
Question: I know you used to be a teacher. Do you plan on doing any teaching in the near future?
Thorsten Kaye: I always plan on teaching.
Question: Hello, Thorsten, thanks for being here. If you were writing for Patrick, would you change anything about him?
Thorsten Kaye: I would change the things he does, I wouldn't change Patrick.
Question: What is the first section you head for in a bookstore?
Thorsten Kaye: Comics.
Question: A silly question for Mr. Kaye: Do you prefer the east or west coast? Is the climate in one better than the other for good acting jobs?
Thorsten Kaye: Most acting is done indoors so the climate doesn't matter.
Question: Since you have gone to college in the US have you lost any of your English accent?
Thorsten Kaye: You tell me.
Question: What event did you participate in track and field?
Thorsten Kaye: I participated in the decathlon
Question: What have been your favorite classical roles?
Thorsten Kaye: Marc Antony, Macbeth, and Patrick Thornhart!
Thorsten Kaye: I have to run now. It's been great chatting with you all. Hope to do it again soon!