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America Online

From November 1, 1996

ABCJoanne: Hi everyone, this is ABCJoanne and I'm sitting here with Thorsten Kaye. We're all ready to take your questions and Thorsten's looking forward to answering them.
Question: Lots of your fans are coming in from as far away as Calif. and Phoenix to meet you in April at the OLTL Fan club Luncheon - are you planning on attending! Hope last year didn't leave a bad taste in your mouth. We'd love to have you there!
Thorsten Kaye: I'd love to be there. I'm not sure what my schedule will be but I'm going to do my best to get there.
Question: No that you have become a "Daytime Star" and are no longer a newcomer.. how's life been treating you?
Thorsten Kaye: I'm up for a Soap Opera Digest "Newcomer" award so I don't consider myself a "star" yet!! LOL.
Question: Hi Thorsten, I will be visiting NYC in a few days....Any suggestions for a fun-filled trip? Bernadette Kelley
Thorsten Kaye: Make sure you bring a friend with you--and comfortable shoes!!
Question: Hi, Thorsten - the cassette tape is my favorite part of "Patrick's Notebook." Your own poetry is wonderfully evocative. Did you choose the other poems on the tape, and do you like Emily Brontė's poetry? Thanks, Christy Smith
Thorsten Kaye: I'm glad you like the book. Susan Bedsow Horgan, OLTL's former executive producer, and I collaborated on the poems chosen for the book and the tape. I like anything that Emily Bronte wrote.
Question: Who's your favorite Looney Tunes character and why? Love ya TK, you're the greatest!
Thorsten Kaye: Sylvester. We have similar hair.
Question: Even though fans on the boards hated seeing you an Blair together...did you enjoy working with Kassie DePaiva...
Thorsten Kaye: Had a great time. She's fun to work with.
Question: Thorsten, do you watch animaniacs?
Thorsten Kaye: Absolutely. I was thrilled to give them the award at the Daytime Emmys. Did you see that?
Question: Are Patrick and Marty going to be a "long term" couple?
Thorsten Kaye: I only know what's happening two weeks in advance and it's still looking positive.
Question: hi Thorsten, I am Dorothy, the chocolate lady, from Illinois. Did you enjoy the candy at Disney and is your cold gone?
Thorsten Kaye: Loved the candy and my cold is finally gone.
Question: Do you write any of your own poems and have they ever been used on the show?
Thorsten Kaye: Yes--I do write my own poems. I was fortunate enough to be asked to write a couple of poems for the show and they were included in the book. (ABCJoanne again--For those of you who don't know, Thorsten has a book out called "Patrick's Notebook: Words of Love from One Life to Live. It's a book and a tape --that voice!! -- and is available in bookstores for $9.95)
Question: Thorsten, Where in the Los Angeles area did you live?
Thorsten Kaye: In Malibu Beach.
Question: I heard that a motorcycle accident cut short your phys. ed. major in college. Is that true? Would you rather be doing something in the sports field then acting?
Thorsten Kaye: There are a lot of similarities between success on the track and success on the stage...less sweat on the stage....
Question: Do you enjoy your story line? Do you enjoy working with Susan Haskell?
Thorsten Kaye: Having a great time. It's such fun working with such a talented actor as Susan.
Question: We have put our ballots in the mail. Best of luck, we know you are going to win!! Luv ya, big guy. C & M
Thorsten Kaye: According to all the people who have shown up in this auditorium, I've already won--so I'm not concerned. Thank you.
Question: How often do you hear about what is going on regarding Patrick on the bulletin boards? Do your co-stars who frequent the boards fill you in? Love ya, big guy!
Thorsten Kaye: The lovely Joanne tells me what's going on on the boards.
Question: did u enjoy your time in orlando?
Thorsten Kaye: I had a great time and it was nice to finally see all your faces.
Question: What is more important to you doing "quality work" or becoming a big star?
Thorsten Kaye: Quality means different things to different people and, by the way, so does being a star.
Question: What event did you participate in in track and field?---Debi
Thorsten Kaye: Decathlon.
Question: How do American Soaps differ from those in England?
Thorsten Kaye: You guys have an accent.
Question: What was it like growing up in London? Were the teachers really as sadistic as Pink Floyd makes them out to be?
Thorsten Kaye: I couldn't tell you. I went to an American High School in England so my teachers were American.
Question: What do you prefer working in, theater or television?
Thorsten Kaye: I prefer working to not working.
Question: Why are you a Miami Dolphin's fan?
Thorsten Kaye: It's the only team with a perfect season--and I think that's what we all strive for.
LIVEONAOL: Our next question is from our VP Area from VP Kevin:
Question: Do you think that soaps are a viable way of using your talent?
Thorsten Kaye: Of course. Using your talent is always viable--no matter what the medium.
Question: Can you tell us some ways that living in the States varies from living in England?
Thorsten Kaye: No cable TV in England!!
Question: Are there similarities between the character you play on OLTL and your real life persona?
Thorsten Kaye: We look the same.
Thorsten Kaye: If I had a girlfriend--she would be exactly what I'm looking for in a woman!!
Question: I am so happy that your character is out of the triangle & into an interesting storyline, how do you like the new storyline & do they accept your input?...Joann
Thorsten Kaye: I'm having lots of fun with this storyline and our executive producer always listens to our comments.
Question: Hello, Mr. Kaye. The storyline of Patrick and Marty is one of my favorites. What would you like to see happen to your characters in the future?
Thorsten Kaye: I'd like to see them go back to the romance that they had in the beginning.
Question: What do you think of Miami's new coach?
Thorsten Kaye: Nice hair!
Question: Your female fans really are crazy about do you deal with that and how does it make you feel?
Thorsten Kaye: I'm a very private person and when I am in a situation that allows me to meet the viewers, they've been nothing but polite and respectful.
Question: Thorsten, I've just finished reading Patrick's Notebook, will you be writing another one to update the story line?
Thorsten Kaye: Never trust a man who's written more than he's read!! That's Samuel Johnson.....
Question: It's obvious that you have a terrific sense of humor; don't you think the writers ought to utilize that onscreen?
Thorsten Kaye: I thought they had. LOL!!
Question: Since you are irish have you ever been to some of the old irish bars in New York City. New York has a very rich Irish tradition.
Thorsten Kaye: I live on top of an Irish bar.
Question: What projects would you like to eventually like to undertake? You are catching the attention of many people in the business.
Thorsten Kaye: The classics on film....
Question: Thorsten, we love you in Ohio!!! Do you have any brothers or sisters, and if so, are they involved in acting?? Thanks, Kim DeStefanis
Thorsten Kaye: I have one brother and his name is Patrick. His only involvement in acting is watching his brother.
Question: Are you as romantic personally as portrayed on OLTL? I don't read much poetry but you make it come alive! - Deb
Thorsten Kaye: Yes--thank you. (ABCJoanne seconds that!!)
Question: Will you be going on tour to promote your book and if you are, will you be coming to Texas?
Thorsten Kaye: I will be promoting it but I'm not sure of the schedule yet. You can get information about the schedule in the ABC Daytime Online area on AOL.
Question: hiya..Nan here, would you ever consider another soap if you were to leave OLTL?
Thorsten Kaye: For the moment, I'm here and that takes all my focus.
Question: Thorsten, What was your favorite ride at Disney World?--Debi
Thorsten Kaye: The Tower of Terror!
Question: Thorsten, I was curious to know which roles you enjoy more, those you portray on television, or those on stage?
Thorsten Kaye: It doesn't matter where you portray them if the role is good.
Question: Thorsten, now that Kassie is pregnant, could there be a storyline in the future regarding paternity?
Thorsten Kaye: Interesting idea...
Question: Who's the better kisser--Marty or Blair???
Thorsten Kaye: I'm the better kisser!!
Question: I was wondering if you could tell us how soap operas are filmed, there are obviously no reruns, so do you tape everyday?
Thorsten Kaye: Yes, we tape an hour's worth of show everyday, five days a week.
Question: Thorsten, did you get to open the playing cards? (a brown penny vest)
Thorsten Kaye: Yes and thank you!
Question: How do you and the rest of the cast view the changes in OLTL staff? Will this be a positive thing for the show?
Thorsten Kaye: I don't think they would change things unless they were positive changes.
Question: Thorsten, will you be playing the part of Seamus as well as Patrick?
Thorsten Kaye: There are so many actors out there, why would I want to play two parts? I'm having enough troubles with this part!
Question: Hi, think that you are great in your role. Are you Irish?
Thorsten Kaye: Only between 7 am and 7 pm, Monday through Friday.
Question: Do you ever hesitate to tell someone you have just met that you are a "soap" actor?
Thorsten Kaye: No--usually I wear a t-shirt saying that I'm a soap actor!
Question: Hi Thorsten, I was curious to know what character you have ever portrayed was your favorite, and why?
Thorsten Kaye: I think Mark Anthony. His journey was the most dramatic and the part was the best written.
Question: Hi Thorsten, How do you keep in such great shape? Bernie Kelley
Thorsten Kaye: Make-up and lighting!!
Question: I read that your going to build a Harley in your apartment. Is that true?
Thorsten Kaye: I just brought my Harley out from California. Turns out that I'm not a good enough mechanic to build my own.
Question: Hiya, How is it to work with Roger Howarth?? Is he intimidating in person like his character, Todd??
Thorsten Kaye: No. I didn't know his character was intimidating. I find him to be a very gentle soul.
Question: Hi Thorsten, Are you planning on doing any movies in the near future...I am sure everyone would love it ...especially us Loopers Joann
Thorsten Kaye: If it's a good movie, sure. I'd love to do it.
Question: Are the writers going to continue developing the friendship between Patrick and Bo? Is RW great to work with?
Thorsten Kaye: Woodsy is the best. Any actor should have a chance to work with someone of his caliber.
Question: I have missed a few shows, are you with Marty now??? What about Dylan?
Thorsten Kaye: No--I'm not with Dylan!!
Question: Are you single?
Thorsten Kaye: I'm not with Dylan!! LOL....
Question: If you weren't an actor, what might you prefer to be?
Thorsten Kaye: A waiter...
Question: Are we ever going to see any really hot scenes between Patrick and Marty again? Sometimes it seems they are more brother and sister than ardent lovers.
Thorsten Kaye: Interesting idea....
Question: Heard you had a new addition. Would you tell us about Gracie? Crystle & Megan Seattle
Thorsten Kaye: She's the most beautiful girl in the world.
Question: Have you ever done any Shakespearean Acting?
Thorsten Kaye: All my background is in classical theater, whether I've done Shakespearean acting or not is a matter of opinion.
Question: Thorsten, my son is a Big Dolphins fan, how long do you think it will take JJ to bring them to the Superbowl?
Thorsten Kaye: This season isn't over yet, is it?
Question: How do I get the girl I want?
Thorsten Kaye: Read to them from Patrick's Notebook, especially "Brown Penny."
Question: Did you have fun at the ABC Soap Weekend in Florida? Are you friends with any other actors on other ABC soaps?
Thorsten Kaye: I really enjoyed meeting GH's Wally Kurth (Ned) and Steve Burton (Jason), as well as AMC's Mark Consuelos (Mateo) at the Super Soap week-end.
Question: Have you been to any Ranger games yet this year? (keep up the good work!!)--Debi
Thorsten Kaye: No, I haven't had time. I try to watch them on TV whenever I can.
Thorsten Kaye: Here's the last question, folks.
Question: Your character Patrick teaches a college course in literature, could you ever consider yourself doing that?
Thorsten Kaye: I was doing just that before I came to New York and got the role of Patrick. After my stint on the soap, I'm considering getting my PhD. and going to back to teaching.
Thorsten Kaye: Thanks so much for having me here. I have such a good time being online with you.