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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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An Interview In Cyberspace


America Online

From November 1, 1996

Question: Hi Thorsten. I really love the great job you're doing with Patrick! Who do you most enjoy doing a scene with, and who do you pal with after taping?
Answer: I enjoy doing a scene with any of my co-stars if it's written well. I hang out with Bob Woods, whenever I can, or whenever his wife lets me!
Question: Is your Irish accent real or is it just for the show?
Answer: I'm from England. I grew up in Hertfordshire.
Question: Mr. Kaye, Your character, Patrick, would have chemistry with a stick! Do you have chemistry with people like that in "real life"? LOOP Cathi (Or, if you are saying my name out loud, Catherine!)
Answer: Ok--this is now ABCJoanne answering this question, instead of Thorsten. Catherine--the answer is yes! He does have chemistry with sticks, rocks, and anyone else he's with.
Question: Do you, personally, like literature and poetry? If so, who are your favorite authors? Loop, Karen
Answer: I have a Masters in Theatre Literature and I love anything Elizabethan--Shakespeare, Marlowe.
Question: Hi Thorsten!! What's the weirdest behind the scene's story you can tell us? Like practical jokes etc..
Answer: There's nothing that I can repeat in public!
Question: Hi Thorsten......welcome to AOL! How does it feel to be one of the newcomers on the show? You're doing great by the way!!! --- chris
Answer: It's been awhile. I feel like I've already been here for ten years. But, everyone's been more than kind to someone who's not fluent in this medium since it's very different from anything else I've done.
Question: How did your parents come up with the name Thorsten? Do you have a nickname?
Answer: Thor is the god of thunder in nordic mythology. Sten means "stone" or "hammer" in Scandinavian. Thorsten, therefore, means "the hammer of Thor." When Thor rode his chariot over the clouds and hit them with his hammer, it would make lightening. My nickname is "Toast." I always get burned by women.
Question: Hello. I am curious about your future plans, personally or professionally?
Answer: I am THE most unorganized person you'll ever meet so, I may have something coming up but I don't know what it is right now.
Question: Thorsten, you have such a beautiful voice - a lush, smoky baritone - do you sing as well? If so, what kind of music do you like, and have you made any recordings, or do you have plans to make some? Happily LOOPed, Gina in NC
Answer: I enjoy singing between 7 and 7:20 in the morning. Seventies rock and roll is my favorite--or anything that sounds like it.
Question: Do you realize what a huge following you have here on AOL?
Answer: I think that Patrick has a following--not me.
Answer: By the way, hi Kathy from Baltimore. How's your wrist.
Question: Do you plan to attend the OLTL Fan Club luncheon in April? LOOP Christy
Answer: Yes--if I'm in town, I'd love to.
Question: How long have you been acting and where did you go to school?
Answer: I've been moving around since I was eight. I've been all over. I started acting when I couldn't do anything else. I worked with the National Theatre in London. I got my BFA in San Diego and my MFA in Detroit.
Question: I think your portrayal of patrick has been great. What are your plans for the future, do you plan on staying with ONELIFE for awhile?
Answer: I don't make plans past the week-end. If I could change anything in the past, I would have loved to have been in "Braveheart" or "Rob Roy."
Question: Hi..........have you done any other TV work before OLTL?
Answer: None that has had this kind of response.
Question: Thorsten - I think your acting is incredible - Do you plan to do feature films or T.V. movies?
Answer: I hope I'll keep working with good actors in whatever medium.
Question: What made you decide to stay in the US to pursue you're career? LOOP Kelly
Answer: London is mostly about musicals now, or bringing shows in from America. The opportunities are so much more vast here.
Question: To date, what has been your most challenging role?
Answer: The most challenging was playing Dogberry in "Much Ado..." The most difficult was playing Macbeth because I understood what he was doing. That's what made it difficult.
Question: Patrick has brought culture and romance to OLTL with his poetry. Do you have a favorite poem or poet? Would you consider making a CD or audiotape of poetry? LooperKTBearW
Answer: My favorite poets are Shelley and Byron, as well as Robert Frost. I don't think I'm qualified to read any of their work on CD or tape.
Question: what do you like most about your character? How are you like or unlike him?
Answer: The character of Patrick was created for me. We have more things in common than I would like to discuss!
Question: Who would you consider to be a great "talent" on OLTL? and who do you most enjoy working with?
Answer: Anyone who's been there longer than three months is a great talent. And, I enjoy working with anyone that is ready to work with me.
Question: Hi Thorsten, What happened with you motorcycle accident?
Answer: If I had taken that corner more slowly, I probably wouldn't be here. And, I still ride Harleys--or anything American.
Question: you came to this country in 1985? but you still have an accent (at least on the show) is it "real" or used for the part of Patrick?
Answer: We are all a product of our environment and, in fact, my accent is a result of all the places I've lived.
Question: If your personal life isn't off limits, are you married? Have a significant other? Children? Do you live alone?
Answer: I'm not married. And I have a lot of significant people in my life--and I'm grateful for that. No children and I live alone.
Question: I heard that you attended Wayne State University in Detroit, which is where I attended. What did you study there and when did you attend? Also, it is great to see a newcomer to daytime come in with such a great acting talent!!
Answer: I studied classical theater in 90-94 at the Hillberry Repertory.
Question: Do you enjoy working on a Soap?
Answer: Acting is acting and I'm always happy to do it.
Question: Do the "off with your shirt" scenes bother you? Have you and Tuc discussed this?
Answer: Tuc and I have never been naked together (LOL!)--so no.
Question: The biggest appeal of Patrick (besides your incredible talent) is that he's an archetypal romantic hero. Do you agree and do you think the soap opera format will eventually erode his character? LOOP Karen
Answer: I don't think a format can erode anything. It's the audience that makes or breaks a character's or storyline's success.
Question: Do you get on well with the actress who plays Marty?
Answer: Absolutely, yes. I don't know a man or woman who doesn't.
Question: Thank you for injecting literature and passion in role as Patrick and on OLTL
Answer: Thank you for your kind words. Susan Bedsow Horgan, the executive producer, took a chance with this storyline and the direction it has taken. So please thank her.
Question: Any words of wisdom for a struggling actor/model?
Answer: Never, never, never give up!
Question: Where would you travel to on a dream vacation?! AND would you take willing fans with you?! :)
Answer: Lizzie--I would go to Chicago and I understand that you're already there!
Question: I had to leave today's show about :45 thru. (Don't worry I'm taping) What in the world are you thinking going into that warehouse?
Answer: The writers made me do it!
Question: Do you have any storyline with Viki coming up?
Answer: I hope so.
Question: You have created quite an uproar amongst your online fans. How do you feel about your "heartthrob" status
Answer: I'm glad to know that my work and the words of the poets have touched so many of you.
Question: Being new to soaps how does your sudden rise in popularity take you?
Answer: I don't even notice it since I'm usually inside studying my script.
Question: What do you like to do in your spare time? LOOP, Bonnie
Answer: I have no spare time.
Question: Thorsten, I think your portrayal of Patrick is wonderful. You make me believe your heart is really breaking. Who would you most like your character be involved with.
Answer: I can't answer that. I'm still looking for a place to live in Llanview.
Answer: Well folks, it's ABCJoanne again and I'm shocked to discover that we're out of time. Our thanks to Thorsten for taking the time to visit with us.