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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Good Day, New York



From January 2, 1997

Thorsten Kaye Good Day New York on the Fox Network Interviewer Cheryl Washington and Thorsten are seated. Camera cues Cheryl.

Cheryl Washington: Things just got a little bit sunny in here even though it's foggy outside because Thorsten Kaye is joining us now from One Life to Live and he is the heart-throb on that daytime drama. Nice to have you on the show and Happy New Year to you.
Thorsten Kaye: Happy New Year, Cheryl
Cheryl Washington: Is it going well so far for you? It is only two days old but so far so good?
Thorsten Kaye: It seems older than that, but I had a good new year's.
Cheryl Washington: Good. I'm glad. There's a lot to talk to you about. You have been on One Life To Live for a little over a year? And your character's Patrick?
Thorsten Kaye: Yes.
Cheryl Washington: An interesting story line developing with you right now. You were involved with Marty. Yet Blair, with whom you had a little fling, is preggers.
Thorsten Kaye: Yes, she got knocked up and apparently it was me.
Cheryl Washington: You are responsible?
Thorsten Kaye: That's what I'm told.
Cheryl Washington: You are going to take care of her?
Thorsten Kaye: Sure. (laughs) No, I will.
Cheryl Washington: Now what about Marty? How does that relate to her?
Thorsten Kaye: No, she's not pregnant.
Cheryl Washington: But you are still involved with her?
Thorsten Kaye: Yes, we're getting together. That's the story they tell me.
Cheryl Washington: That is the story they tell.
Thorsten Kaye: You have - a baby coming up.
Cheryl Washington: Yes, I do as a matter of fact.
Thorsten Kaye: When is that due?
Cheryl Washington: April, April 2.
Thorsten Kaye: Well, good luck with that.
Cheryl Washington: And when is your baby due?
Thorsten Kaye: Oh, I'm not. (pats his stomach)
Cheryl Washington: Blair?
Thorsten Kaye: Oh, I think, well, she is pregnant in real life. I think she's four months maybe?
Cheryl Washington: Oh, is she really? I see. Interestingly enough, as I was reading your information over, you were a rugby star before you branched out into acting?
Thorsten Kaye: I was not a rugby "star," I played rugby for a while. I'm a soap star. (laughs)
Cheryl Washington: Soap star now. And what's interesting now is that you have been devoting your time to a lot of poetry and literary types of things. Even on the show as well as outside of the show. You just released recently Patrick's Notebook. I think we may have this on the screen. Explain to me what this is?
Thorsten Kaye: This is a book that tells the story of Margaret and Patrick - the first year of their love affair. You know, it made a nice Christmas gift. And it is never too late because romance is buying something out of season, I think.
Cheryl Washington: Uh, huh.
Thorsten Kaye: Maybe, go out and get one for yourself.
Cheryl Washington: And what you have also in here besides the journal is a cassette in which you read not only poetry from famous literary people, but also your own?
Thorsten Kaye: Yes. There are a couple of my own on there, I was asked to write a couple things, but mostly Shakespeare, and Yeats and Byron. All the big boys.
Cheryl Washington: Yes. How do you feel stacking up against them?
Thorsten Kaye: I was hoping you weren't going to bring that up. It wasn't my idea.
Cheryl Washington: Well, you know what? We actually have a sample of some of your poetry. (Audio clip of Thorsten reciting To an Isle in the Water.)
Cheryl Washington: Now, can you hear it?
Thorsten Kaye: Um-hum.
Cheryl Washington: Music, too. My gosh, it is very well produced.
Thorsten Kaye: I wrote the mu... (laughs) No, I didn't.
Cheryl Washington: What are you going to take credit for? Can you take credit for this one?
Thorsten Kaye: I'll take credit for anything. (smiles)
Cheryl Washington: So what is your inspiration behind the poetry? Is it all romantic in theme?
Thorsten Kaye: No, it is money. I get paid lots.
Cheryl Washington: That is the motivation? That is always the motivation?
Thorsten Kaye: No, I was told one time that romance is something that eludes touching. It is always where you were and never where you are. So this is a nice book that explains what romance is, at least to these two people and I think it's nice.
Cheryl Washington: I want to return to the story for a minute. We are going to show a clip of you. It's not a very recent clip but it depicts you with your situation with I believe, Marty. So, Marty is still involved with you. Does Marty know about Blair and your fling with her?
Thorsten Kaye: Yes.
Cheryl Washington: She is aware?
Thorsten Kaye: Yes, she is, plus, she is five months pregnant, so she knows.
Cheryl Washington: So, how are you going to wrap that up? How are you still able to maintain a relationship with Marty when you're still involved with Blair?
Thorsten Kaye: Ah, you have to keep watching. You watch The Young and the Restless. If you watched this, you'd know.
Cheryl Washington: You weren't supposed to say that. (laughs) No, what I watch is the Fox noon news. That is what I watch.
Thorsten Kaye. OK. Me too.
Cheryl Washington: Why don't we take a look at you in action from One Life to Live. You just busted me. (Videoclip of Thorsten reciting Brown Penny from the Inishcrag scene.)
Cheryl Washington: Very romantic, your little lovemaking.
Thorsten Kaye: The music, yes, very nice. I got a little... (pretends to wipe a tear from his eye)
Cheryl Washington: Not that, yes, but the scene was, too. You weren't watching.
Thorsten Kaye: Oh, I wasn't watching, I was talking to you.
Cheryl Washington: You weren't paying attention to it because you have seen it so many times. We were talking in the middle of that, weren't we? But I was watching peripherally. You said that your brother's name is Patrick?
Thorsten Kaye: Yes. And he is hopefully sitting at home. When I was offered this role, it was funny that he would be called Patrick because that is my brother's name.
Cheryl Washington: That's nice. Does he watch the show all the time?
Thorsten Kaye: No, he is like you he watches...
Cheryl Washington: I have to work!
Thorsten Kaye: Well, no, he lives in Europe, so he doesn't get a chance to. But I am sure that he would.
Cheryl Washington: Also, there's an interesting development on the website because there are many people who are getting in touch with you. You have your own thing going on there?
Thorsten Kaye: Well, I don't have a computer, I'm not that smart. But, apparently there's a website out there and there's one of those addresses with a W, H thing, so I don't know what the address is, but you can get on there, yeah.
Cheryl Washington: You can get on the website. We'll make sure to check you out all the time anyway on One Life to Live. In fact, you're on your way to work from here.
Thorsten Kaye: ABC, 2:00
Cheryl Washington: OK, I'm glad you said that. Nice promotion for us. Also don't forget about the Patrick's Notebook. You can always pick it up, I guess, at almost any bookstore here in town?
Thorsten Kaye: Yes.
Cheryl Washington: Thank you so much for coming, Thorsten Kaye All the best to you.
Thorsten Kaye: (Thorsten offers his hand. Shakes hands with the interviewer.) My pleasure.
Cheryl Washington: Wrap up that little scenario with those two women on the show.
Thorsten Kaye: I will try.
Cheryl Washington: Do the right thing. All right, Thorsten Kaye, thanks.