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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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KOMO TV-4 Interview



conducted on February 28, 1996

KOMO TV4, ABC Affiliate Interviewer: Cindi Rhinehart, by telephone. (Shows scene with Patrick and Marty, where Patrick admits his true love for Marty.)

Cindi Rhinehart: Oh, I LOVE this guy. Please welcome Thorsten Kaye. (applause) Now, hi, Thorsten! How are you?
Thorsten Kaye: Cindi, I'm doin' all right. How('re) you doin'?
Cindi Rhinehart: Oh wonderful now, that you're on the phone. You know, I just learned how to pronounce your name. I'm sorry I said "Thorsten" but the "h" is silent, right?
Thorsten Kaye: And it's Cindi, right?
Cindi Rhinehart: Yes, it is! You got it right darlin'!
Thorsten Kaye: Well, good, we're even then!
Cindi Rhinehart: Are you actually from Ireland?
Thorsten Kaye: I'm not. No, I'm from England.
Cindi Rhinehart: From England. Where?
Thorsten Kaye: Where in England? London.
Cindi Rhinehart: London?
Thorsten Kaye: Yeah, it's a small fishing village south of Northhampton.
Cindi Rhinehart: All us women are on our way if you'll meet us there.
Thorsten Kaye: Really?
Cindi Rhinehart: And speaking of going there, you are . . .Patrick is going to Ireland, right?
Thorsten Kaye: Yes, he is.
Cindi Rhinehart: And we've got Bo going there, correct?
Thorsten Kaye: Yeah, we're going together. Actually, . . .you know what it's just the next set over, but they make it look like Ireland.
Cindi Rhinehart: Of course they do.
Thorsten Kaye: Yeah.
Cindi Rhinehart: So you'll be taking Blair maybe?
Thorsten Kaye: Um, you know, I can't tell you that.
Cindi Rhinehart: You can't? I can tell you. (in a sing song style) I know she's going!
Thorsten Kaye: (laughter)
Cindi Rhinehart: That's my prediction.
Thorsten Kaye: No, yeah, she is. She's gonna go. We're not going together, though.
Cindi Rhinehart: Oh.
Thorsten Kaye: Different planes. She's got her own plane, as you know.
Cindi Rhinehart: Of course! She's filthy rich! Now tell me about the on-screen chemistry between you and Susan Haskell. How is it working with Marty?
Thorsten Kaye: Well, how do you think it's working?
Cindi Rhinehart: I think it looks fabulous!
Thorsten Kaye: Well, that's all you need to know, then, isn't it?
Cindi Rhinehart: And I think you should...
Thorsten Kaye: (laughter)
Cindi Rhinehart: Wait a minute! Who's doing this interview?
Thorsten Kaye: Oh sorry! No, I've gotta tell you Cindi. She's one of the best actresses I've ever worked with.
Cindi Rhinehart: She is a wonderful actress.
Thorsten Kaye: She's lovely.
Cindi Rhinehart: How about Kassie Wesley? She also is wonderful.
Thorsten Kaye: Yes, she is. It's a completely different character, and you know, you were talking about... I was listening to this when you were doing this thing (talking about the scene that was shown on tv before the interview started)
Cindi Rhinehart: Yeah!
Thorsten Kaye: I got to listen to it on the phone... and romance is --it's very hard to find, in real life as on the soap and the story I have with Susan is so powerful that it's really hard to be matched by anything. We'll see what they come up with.
Cindi Rhinehart: Do you think they're going to have Blair kind of rope you into a twisted romantic plot to get back at Marty?
Thorsten Kaye: Now, do you know this?
Cindi Rhinehart: Pardon me?
Thorsten Kaye: Do you know this already, 'cause you knew the last one.
Cindi Rhinehart: Yeah, well, actually, you know, I have a feeling she's gonna go for it.
Thorsten Kaye: Well, I think she should!
Cindi Rhinehart: What brought you to OLTL?
Thorsten Kaye: Ah, you know what, I was doin' theater in Detroit for three years, and um, I was asked to do a soap before, and it just didn't seem like a good idea. And then Susan Bedsow Horgan and I met, and she's the executive producer, and she came up with this great character and I just thought it would be a good think to do for a couple of years.
Cindi Rhinehart: Well, I can tell you this much, Thorsten, a lot of characters that come on the show, they come on and they build their storyline. You came on with a blast and everybody's loving it! I can tell you that! That much I surely know!
Thorsten Kaye: Well, thank you Cindi. It's lovely of you to say that.
Cindi Rhinehart: Are you single?
Thorsten Kaye: I am, yes.
Cindi Rhinehart: Oh!
Thorsten Kaye: Are you making an offer or what?
Cindi Rhinehart: Yes.
Thorsten Kaye: (difficult to hear) Do you have money?
Cindi Rhinehart: An offer? But... but wait! An offer, Thorsten,. I was going to ask you to come to Seattle
Thorsten Kaye: Uh huh.
Cindi Rhinehart: but my husband probably wouldn't like that, so how about if I fly to New York?
Thorsten Kaye: How about I come to Seattle and we'll just keep it hush hush?
Cindi Rhinehart: Bingo! (applause) But all seriousness aside, Thorsten, you're doing a wonderful job. Please tell Susan and Kassie we said "Hello!"
Thorsten Kaye: I certainly will.
Cindi Rhinehart: Thanks so much.
Thorsten Kaye: Thank you.
Cindi Rhinehart: Bye bye!
Thorsten Kaye: Bye bye!