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Thorsten Kaye


by Jenny Higgons, Published August 1996

His romantic status: Single and available. "I don't have a girlfriend, but I'm pretty much happy by myself. I have a hard time splitting my focus between a woman and work. I think it's a time thing. I know that pleasing a woman takes a lot of time, and I don't have it to give at this point."

He only has girlfriends when he's unemployed? "No, because then I wouldn't have any money to take her out. So what I need is a rich woman who will let me be unemployed and then she can take care of me. (Laughs.) Don't get me wrong: I do love spending time with women, and if I am with a woman, I'll focus on her 100%. Right now, my work is taking a lot out of me in many ways. I don't think it's fair to anybody to give even just 90%."

So he's not looking for a lover? "I'm not looking for anybody or maybe I'm looking for everybody. If you have one woman, you'll miss all the good conversations with other women."

On sex: "The act of sex is an animal act, I don't know if you have to be in love to make love to someone. You know what Indian motorcycles are? They're motorcycles that were made in the U.S.-- I think in the '40's and '50's. They're probably the most beautiful things ever made by man. Making love to a beautiful woman is like riding a 1948 Indian Roadmaster: You have to be very careful not to open up the throttle too much, and you have to hold on to it or you'll drop it around a corner. You have a to be very alert and aware of what the bike needs."

Who's the seducer? "That changes constantly. It's a role you take on when you first jump in. It's like playing chess; you're not always attacking."

The best part of being single: "Being single. I like being alone. Yeah, people come over and hang out, but I like waking up by myself...then I don't have to apologize for anything. (Laughs.) I do have emotional connections with a lot of women, and I think that's partly the problem. If I could take little pieces of each woman and make them one, then I think I'd be in good shape."

What attracts him: "Ambition and the strength to say no, to be her own person. I like strong women. It don't matter how pretty you are, if you're weak, that'll do it for me."

Has he ever experienced true love? "Well, I've read about it in the classics. I guess it's a certain feeling you get when you're with someone. Much of that stuff happens in your mind. When you talk about what being in love is, I've fallen in love on the bus and the subway hundreds of times -- with women. I thought might be wonderful. But if I ever got to know them, I probably would have been wrong. So my fantasy life is outstanding. In high school, I had that feeling when you can't eat or sleep. There have been moments when, yes, there was a certain person I wanted to be with. Is that love? I don't know. So then maybe I've never been in love."

How to pique his interest? "Buy me a beer. A Beck's. If a woman came up to me, handed me one, and said, 'Here's your beer,' and then left, I'd find it interesting."

How he'd get a girl's interest: "Buy her a beer."

A brief roundup on his deflowering: "A brief roundup is exactly what it would be. I was 17, in England, with a woman I still talk to, at her parents' house. It was quite romantic. But again, it's the motorcycle analogy: If you don't know there the clutch is, you'll probably drop it. All of sudden I ran out of gas, that was that. In other words, my first time on it, I was just happy to be riding. I know now that I didn't pay enough attention to the woman. I had a wonderful time, but sex isn't about me having a good time -- it's about her having a good time."

Is he easy to live with: "No, I think you can tell already, eh? I don't like having to answer to anybody or being responsible for anybody. It's tough enough taking care of me."

On being a sex symbol: "I'm a little wrinkled. Whatever my look is, I've been this way for a while. Here's my problem with this whole soap opera star thing: I've always looked this way, but now all of a sudden it's something that people want to see. It's not because of me -- it's because of the story, and because I'm on TV and people find that attractive."

Nude beaches: "When I was a child in Europe we went to them all time. I may feel self-conscious [going to them] now -- before I didn't think about it. Knowledge is death to a lot of things, and you get to a certain point in your life where you start comparing yourself to other people, which isn't a good idea. I'd now rather not compare myself to other people. But if I feel the urge, I'll certainly go. I'll go anywhere naked. What do I care? (Laughs)."