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Thorsten Kaye Is Revving Up For Adventure


Soap Opera Dish

by Melodee McKinney, Published July 1996

When OLTL's Thorsten Kaye (Patrick) starts talking about his ideal summer getaway, he gets a faraway look in his eyes and his voice softens as he relives past ventures with complete passion.

Kaye's ideal getaway isn't necessarily plottable on a map. For him, a getaway isn't the destination. He actually doesn't care too much about where he goes, it's more about how he gets there. You see, Kaye has a love for Harley Davidson motorcycles. Although he doesn't own one at the moment, he has been riding them for nearly ten years and has hopes of building his own Harley from the ground up.

"There is nothing like taking off on a Harley," he remembers with a gleam in his eye. "Just to be so free with the wind whipping through your hair and someone special with you. There is just no substitute for that. It's a dream."

He prefers to ride the bikes away from crowded city life, where he can be free to take in the sights and smells around him that only motorcycle travel can provide.

"I really do miss having my bike out here," he said. "But this time I want to build one." According to Kaye's estimations, it will probably cost him more to buy the right tools than it would to buy a new bike, but that's not a problem, because he loves the work. "The last bike I had, I took apart and put back together. I like doing that, it's relaxing to me."

Exactly how does one make a Harley? According to Kaye, it's a lot like baking a cake: "you buy the ingredients, get a big bowl and add all the ingredients. Building a motorcycle is the same -- except you don't need eggs!"

Harley adventures, according to Kaye, can also be quite romantic when shared with just the right person, he said.