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Haskell and Kaye Bid OLTL Adieu


Soap Opera Digest

Published September 16, 1997

With the dramatic resolution to Marty and Patrick's trouble-plagued romance set to air the week of September 15, 1997, actors Susan Haskell and Thorsten Kaye have moved on to a real-life dilemma: saying good-bye to One Life to Live.

"I'm really going to miss Marty," sighs Emmy-winning Haskell, a five-year OLTL vet. "When you play a character for this long, it's like having a friend, in a weird way. You know this person, you care about this person. It's really like saying good-bye to a good friend. And on top of that, I'm going to miss working with the crew and some wonderful actors."

"These are some of the best actors I've worked with," affirms Kaye, who joined the show in 1995. "There's a reason why they're working here, and it's not because they're pretty; it's because they've learned their craft. I hope to work with them someplace else."

That could very well come true, since Kaye plans on staying in New York City and doing a play by Cindy Lou Johnson, Brilliant Traces. "I just want to see if I can still put some lines together," he jokes. "[Daytime] is a very technical medium, and it's good to get on the boards because you really do lose your ability to speak in sentences."

Haskell, too, could wind up working with some OLTL chums - but in Los Angeles, not New York. "I'm going to keep a place in New York and be bicoastal, but I definitely want to give Los Angeles a try," she says. I've got a good agent and good friends, so I have a lot of support. I'm not worried at all. Plus," she laughs, "I never grew up on a beach, so I'm very excited about that. I went from Canada to New York, so now, finally, I get some sand."

Though neither actor is ruling it out, a return to soaps isn't likely in the near future. "Personally, I would rather not do another one, only because I don't understand them and I get angry at things I can't change," Kaye explains. "I think I would be better off in another medium. But if I'm offered a good character and people stick by their guns and write that character [with integrity], then why not?" Adds an enigmatic Haskell: "You never know."