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OLTL's Thorsten Kaye and Susan Haskell

Soap Opera Magazine

Published June 18, 1996

Text: Marty Saybrooke and Patrick Thornhart have been thrown into one dangerous situation after another on OLTL. Their lives were in jeopardy in Ireland and the danger followed them back to Llanview. Marty tried to deny her feelings and married Dylan Moody, but then danger once again threw them together. As she came face to face with death in the icy waters, Marty admitted to herself -- and Patrick -- that she loved him. For their performance as the star-crossed lovers, SOAP OPERA MAGAZINE honors Susan Haskell and Thorsten Kaye as our Stars of the Week.

Marty hid on Patrick's boat to warn him that Carlo Hesser had plans to get rid of him. When the boat began to sink, Marty was terrified, and Patrick had to calm her -- and convince her to jump into the dark icy waters to save her life.

"Marty was absolutely petrified," says Susan. "Psychologically, she's always had this fear of drowning because that's how her parents died."

What followed when the two survived and found themselves alone on a deserted island was what viewers had waited for a long time: Marty could no longer deny her feelings for Patrick.

"When Marty's brought to the brink of death, she has to admit the truth," Susan explains. "She's stripped down to the bare bones, exhausted, and I think for a while anyway, she realizes what's important -- and that's to be honest with him."

"It came out of the fear of dying," Thorsten confirms. "The only time these characters enjoy each other's love is when they're in danger," he points out. "Their story even started in a life-and-death situation. That was the first time they were honest with each other."

Then they were rescued by Dylan and the Coast Guard. Marty promised Patrick she'd tell Dylan the truth, but fate stepped in when her husband collapsed and needed surgery. As she stood by his bedside, afraid he'd never walk again, she wondered how she could tell him that she was leaving him for another man.

"It's an awful situation all around," says Susan. "You keep trying to make up for your mistakes, but it doesn't work. But I wouldn't want Marty to make her choice just out of guilt."

"At one point, she tells Patrick, 'I need to let you go,'" Thorsten recalls. "Patrick says, 'If you really mean that, then I will cut you out of my life. I will cut you out of my heart and I will forget all about you. I will let you go.' She tells him that's what she wants."

No matter what's ahead for their characters, both actors are sure they enjoy working together. "How can you go wrong when you have a strong actor and a wonderful individual?" asks Susan. "Thorsten has a heart of gold. He's exciting to work with. You go in thinking you know it's going to be good, but you never know how good. He's so professional."

Thorsten's feelings about working with Susan run just as deep. "She's one of the best actors I've ever worked with because unlike some other actors she listens to what you say and how you say it," he says. "I know I can rely on her. In a medium where you don't have time to prepare, you need as many crutches as you can find to hold on to. Susan will ground you because she's a solid actress. The bottom line is I love working with her."