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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Too Cute In A Clinch

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Some call him Torso. Although he
spent time as a poet and teacher,
Thorsten Kaye (Ian) and Julie
Pinson (Eve) embrace all the
goings-on when they're on the
set of ABC's Port Charles.

Like the valiant doc he plays on PC, Thorsten Kaye slays us with his eloquence and humility

Orlando Sentinel

by Nancy Imperial Wellons, Published February 4-10, 2001

Port Charles is a show struggling to survive.

Now why is that? Is it because it’s a half-hour soap with a smaller cast? Couldn’t be. CBS’ 30-minute The Bold and the Beautiful does just fine.

Oh wait, B&B runs after ratings gorilla Young and the Restless, and poor PC has to go mano-a-mano.

Still, this is one Y&R fan who makes a point of paying visits to Port Charles because I adore the cast. It’s good to have former One Life to Live-er Thorsten Kaye (Ian Thornhart) back on the acting mat. He returned after a three-year absence spent, he says, teaching English and writing a poetry book with friend Dorothy Bridges, widow of actor Lloyd Bridges.

He also acted in unforgettable films. “I did one in South Africa, Shark Attack 2, which I’m hoping, the Oscars, maybe,” he muttered when I met him earlier this year.

He also cut off the long locks that had been such a distinctive part of his role as Patrick Thornhart on OLTL.

“It was a very tough day for me. I don’t like to talk about it now,” he deadpanned. “I cut it three days after I left the show.”

“No, I don’t miss it,” he added. “I never really saw it. I don’t spend much time in the bathroom.”

The actor corrected me on the pronunciation of his first name. I had been calling him THOR-sten, but his name is pronounced TOR-sen.

“No, it’s not, it’s Torso,” quipped Lynn Herring, (Port Charles’ Lucy Coe) who was sitting next to him and who indeed calls him that.

Cute. Maybe instead of trying to imitate Spanish novellas or offer Internet “sneak peek clips” – two of the show’s ratings-grabbing strategies – it should just keep these two crazy kids together.