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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Daytime's Greatest Love Stories

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The Poet And The Doctor

Soaps In Depth

Published March 7, 2000

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When med student Marty met Irishman Patrick, she thought that she was committed to fiancé Dylan Moody [sic]. Her heart begged to differ.  When Patrick took her in his strong arms, she went weak in the knees.  She even surrendered to passion and made love with him while they were stranded on a desert island [sic].  Later, after an injury landed Dylan in a wheelchair, Marty kept her promise and became his wife [sic].  But in her soul, she knew that she always would be Patrick's lover. Eventually, Dylan figured that out, too, and set her free.  Alas, during Marty and Patrick's wedding ceremony, terrorists burst in (without RSVPing!) and shot the groom [sic].  Afterward, the couple read the writing on the wall and let everyone think that the intended victim had died.  In reality, he lived...happily ever after, on the lam with the woman he adored above all others.

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Before they'd even been introduced,
Patrick planted a kiss on Marty's lips.
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Marty's heart broke as she promised
to be true to fiancé Dylan.
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Blaming Marty for Todd's "death,"
his widow, Blair, seduced Patrick.

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Above: Death appeared to have parted the Thornharts
mere moments after they wed