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'Lovers' Reunite - As Brother and Sister

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New York Vue

by Carolyn Hinsey, Published May 13, 2001

The next phase of ABC's crossover mania is reuniting former "One Life to Live" lovers Thorsten Kaye and Susan Haskell (ex-Patrick and Marty) on "Port Charles" as new characters Ian and Granya.

This time out, though, they are playing brother and sister.

"People need to stop thinking that it's 'Marty' coming back," says Kaye, who has been living with Haskell in the real world since they OLTL in 1997.

"Susan is playing Granya, who is Ian's dead sister.  It's an actress doing a role."

PC is using the plot device of Ian talking to Granya to help fans understand why the heroic doctor would have married and supported a stranger named Arianna over his well-established true love, Eve.

"Ian needed a confidant, like they have in restoration drama, to explain why he is doing certain things," agrees Kaye.  "Why would this guy pick Arianna's happiness over Eve's happiness?  The point is to explain that.  It's a tool for the writers."

Ian is conjuring up Granya, who appears throughout May, as he sits at a chessboard.

"It's not his dead sister coming back as a ghost," he says, "it's like sitting by the grave of a loved one and talking to them.  She looks the way he remembers - he knows the sound of her voice, the kind of advice she would give.  Granya doesn't have any more information than Ian does.  She's a sounding board.  He can bounce his concerns off the idea of his sister so the audience can hear it."

Kaye adds that he is thrilled to be working with Haskell again.

"Susan is one of the best actors I know," he praises.  "She is prepared and she listens.  She has this ethereal quality about her, but also a strength.  They got someone very good to play a very pivotal role."

He does admit that it's strange to be playing opposite his former on-screen love (and current real-life love) in scenes where they are brother and sister.  The stranger element, though is that this plot twist means that OLTL's Patrick was in love with a woman who looked exactly like his dead sister, and he never mentioned it.

"That's Patrick's problem," cracks Kaye.  "The weird thing isn't that Granya looks like Marty, although, okay, that is weird.  The weird thing here is that Patrick married somebody who looks just like his sister - and that's something he'll just have to talk about in therapy."