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Love's A Good Bet For Casino Owner

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New York Vue

by Carolyn Hinsey, Published May 16, 2004

This week on "All My Children," Erica Kane bumps into a Las Vegas casino owner who will look very familiar to soap fans.

"I play Zach Slater," explains Thorsten Kaye, best known for playing Patrick Thornhart on "One Life to Live" and his brother, Ian Thornhart, on the now-defunct "Port Charles."

"Erica is going through some problems," he says, referring to the death of her baby granddaughter, Miranda, her fall off the wagon and subsequent beeline to Vegas, where she is hiding out as a show girl.  "Zach comes into the room.  It's dark and a little creepy.  She thinks she's talking to the ghost of her father, and he puts his hand on her shoulder."

In addition to seeing dead people, Erica (played by Susan Lucci, of course) has also donned a blond wig and is going by the name Desiree.

"He says, 'I know you're a show girl, I came in last night and saw the show and you just blew me away,'" says Kaye.  "He asks about  her and she talks a bit.  And he gives a hint of his family background."

Zach knows that Desiree  is really Erica, but he agrees to protect her and keep her secrets.

"She's running away from her life," he points out.  "But then a fan recognizes her and Zach decides to take care of the fan because he likes her and wants to help.  So he makes sure the fan doesn't tell anybody that Erica is in Vegas.  Although he should probably say to her, 'Listen, if you want to hide, why are you on the center stage of a casino?'"

Because, even incognito, the famed Erica Kane cannot resist the spotlight.  Will she be able to resist Zach?

"How could she not?" quips Kaye.  "He's going to have to come to come to Pine Valley, I think."

To take the job, the actor had to move from L.A. to New York, along with his partner, Susan Haskell (ex-Marty, "OLTL") and their 1-year-old daughter, McKenna.

Any problems so far?

"Zach is a suit guy," groans the hockey-loving, beer-drinking Brit.  "My right shoulder is much shorter than my left shoulder because I broke it a couple of  times.  So the guys have me in Armani suits and they're putting pads in there.  We'll see how that works out."