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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Click to enlarge What rumor have you heard about yourself that you wish were true? Thorsten Kaye (Ride, B&B):
"Something about how I look in a Speedo, but if you've ever seen me in a bathing suit, well, let's just stop right there [laughs]."
Soap Opera Digest, October 17, 2016
Click to enlarge Is Ridge happy about the death of Dr. Wolin (Mark Damon Espinoza, l.)? Thorsten Kaye replies:
"I wouldn't say happy, but him buying the farm does take care of a few things. I thought he was going to be around for awhile, but he did what he needed to do. Mark's a good actor, too."
Soap Opera Digest, May 16, 2016
Click to enlarge Why does Ridge think Rick (Jacob Young, r.) is questioning his actions? Thorsten Kaye says:
"Once you end up with somebody's ex, like Ridge did with Rick, it's always a bone of contention. They may say, 'Oh, no. That's okay.' But it's not."
Soap Opera Digest, May 2, 2016
Click to enlarge What life lesson have you learned from your character?
[In response to Darin Brooks' answer of do not date your brother's exes.] "I'm a little confused that you have to be on a soap to learn that, Darin, but good for you. I think the only life lesson I've learned from my character is maybe I should have stayed in school."
Soap Opera Digest, March 21, 2016
Click to enlarge Who would you love to guest-star on your soap?
"Hmm. I wouldn't mind having a go at Michelle Stafford [Nina, GH] on the show. I think that would be great."
Soap Opera Digest, December 14, 2015
Click to enlarge What's the secret to a long, happy marriage?
"You've got to keep it in your pants."
Soap Opera Digest, February 12, 2015
Click to enlarge Personal Best: What's been the highlight of the year for you, storylinewise?<a name="2015"></a>
"Getting to date a much younger woman!"
CBS Soaps In Depth, December 15, 2014
Click to enlarge Shining Moment: Other than your own, what do you think was your show's best storyline this year?
"There were other storylines?" 
CBS Soaps In Depth, December 15, 2014
Click to enlarge What was the most memorable soap wedding you've been in or seen?
"Unless they're on the beach somewhere, I'm out. I see that on the schedule and I know it's going to be a long day. But because I know you need an answer, I'll say my favorite wedding will always be an Erica Kane wedding, because you know it's going to be quick, there will be some kind of drama and then there will be another one in another three weeks." 
Soaps In Depth, June 9, 2014
Click to enlarge A Forrester Family Reunion?
The BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL's Ridge never said farewell to his late mother, Stephanie, but could he still get the chance to do so? His portrayer, Thorsten Kaye, jokes that his being on the soap might be all it takes to lure Susan Flannery (ex-Stephanie) out of retirement! "Come on, when she hears that it's me, she's not going to be able to stay away!" he quips. Kaye adds that he'd love for Flannery to return as a spectral vision or to tape some sort of storyline flashback. "I sat with her at the Emmys once, and she seems like a real pistol!"
Soaps In Depth, January 13, 2014

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