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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Published March 9, 2009

A large part of the allure where ALL MY CHILDREN'S Zach is concerned likes in his steadfast devotion to his wife: Because Zach loves Kendall, we love Zach.  But revelations of the past few months have made it difficult to understand how such a devoted man could have acted in ways guaranteed to hurt the one person he's repeatedly moved mountains to protect.  Portrayer Thorsten Kaye deserves a heap of credit for the blend of guilt and honesty he brought to the scene in which Zach apologized to his newly-awakened wife for having father Bianca's baby.

Finally, The Truth
We'd watched Zach go from despair over Kendall's near-death to elation at the prospect of bringing her home, but we hadn't seen many quiet moments between the pair since she'd woken up.  So when the kiddies and houesguests were upstairs, Zach moved closer to his wife on the couch and began the conversation neither wanted to have.  "I want to apologize to you for not telling you earlier what I did for Bianca and Reese," he said, gently playing with her knee and trying hard to look her in the eye.  "I didn't ask you because I didn't want you to say no, because if you had said no, I would've gone through with it anyway."  Disheveled, the strain of her recent absence still showing on his weary face, Zach continued.  "Bianca asked me, and of course I couldn't say yes to that because of us and where we were.  And then... "  Kaye exhaled the words in a rush of shame regarding sins from the past.  "I had to.  I had to say yes because of what my brother did to her."

But Is It The Whole Truth?
Michael's crime against Bianca was undeniably horrible, but Kendall wasn't going to let that -- or the fact that Zach was looking at her like a kicked bulldog -- get in the way of what was really wrong.  She prodded him to admit that he fathered Gabrielle as revenge for her having slept with Aidan.  He didn't deny it, and the hard silence hung between them for a moment.  "I'm sorry," he finally said, voice low, staring off to the side as tears began to gather.  "I'm sorry I hurt you."  It was a rough beat in the scene, and Kaye didn't shy away.  Wanting to move on, Zach reassuringly told his wife that because Reese and Bianca were family, "We'll work it out."  But post-coma Kendall does not play, and Zach's surprise was palpable when whe demanded he get rid of the women.  Oh yeah, Zach, there's a new sheriff in town.

But Kaye excels at the uncomfortable moments in modern family life, so Kaye easily earned kudos -- with the promise of more to come!