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Once More, With Feeling?

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Published August 13, 2009

At first glance, ALL MY CHILDREN'S Zach and Kendall's third marriage -- which takes place for legal reasons this week -- may seem like the worst kind of tease: All of the Zendall, none of the passion. But oh, Slater Nation, look a little closer. Though Zach remarries Kendall in order to avoid giving testimony that might incriminate her as Stuart's killer, "It is certainly the first step in their reunion," promises AMC headwriter Charles Pratt, Jr. Squee!

Baby Steps
It all begins after Kendall is released, when she and her ex-husband try to figure out exactly what happened the night of the murder. Imagine both of their surprise when they realize that neither of them is the killer! Zach, no longer feeling the need to falsely confess if Kendall is actually innocent, recants his statement. A suspicious D.A. Henry North reluctantly lets Zach go, but now there's a bigger problem at hand: If Slater is no longer the prime suspect, he'll likely be called upon to testify against Kendall! Just then, to avoid that dire scenario, "Ryan suggests the two of them get married," Pratt reveals.

That's not to say that the hunk is happy when he walks in on Zach proposing, but Kendall reassures her new man that her heart remains with their fledgling relationship. Still, when the Slaters are remarried by a justice of the peace, Kendall can't help but recall their tender, shipboard first ceremony when she was pregnant with Spike. "She plays it off like she's okay," says portrayer Alicia Minshew, "but after the wedding, she's crying. A huge part of her wants it to be a real wedding."

Patience Is A Virtue
Lest we forget, Zach hasn't been pleased with Ian's mom over the past few months. But when he claims Kendall is completely out of his heart, Angie doesn't believe him for a second. Thorsten Kaye says his character has every right to be supremely ticked at Kendall and that if the story is to be told realistically, it's going to be some time before Team Slater is ready to go extra innings. "I hope they don't gloss over the fact that she's been sleeping with Ryan," he says in character. "The woman I'm taking back is not the same woman who left me. It's a tough thing, and I hope that gets addressed, that marriage vows do mean something, or they did to Zach."

Meanwhile, Liza's tripping over herself to get Zach back in the sack, but he cools the redhead with the news that he's a married man once more. When he explains that he's doing everything to keep his family together, Ms. Colby can't help but be impressed. The Slaters "need to be together for those kids," Pratt says. "Is it the first step? Yes, it is. Is it the first sign of hope for Zach and Kendall? Yes, it is. It defnitely is. Does it mean they'll live happily ever after?" C'mon, Zendall fans, you can't have it all! "Absolutely not!"