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Behind Closed Doors

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Will close quarters push Ian and Eve into one another's arms?

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Published November 14, 2000

An Accidental Kiss
When an innocent "thank you kiss" turns into a major liplock this week, Eve and Ian find themselves fighting the urge to shelf their detective work in favor of pursuing their given profession:  Playing doctor!

Although Eve only recently wed Kevin, their ever after has been anything but happy. "Eve feels as if she and Kevin are growing apart," admits her portrayer, Julie Pinson.

And as the week begins, she has good reason to feel that way. "Kevin has been putting Livvie above his marriage," Pinson shares.  On top of that, Eve learns that Kevin has been confiding about his daughter in his ex, Lucy!  "So, basically, Eve sort of says, 'It's always going to be Lucy.'  Because Eve has always been kind of on-edge about Kevin's relationship with Lucy.  And now, the proof is right there, staring her in the face, that he went to Lucy instead of her."

Fresh from their latest blowout, Eve pays a visit to Ian, wanting to take her mind off of her woes by focusing it on the unseen forces at work at GH.  "Ian is trying to tell Eve that she can't continue to be involved in the medical mystery, because he doesn't want her to get hurt," explains Pinson.  Wanting to express her gratitude, Eve makes a move which changes everything. "She goes to kiss Ian on the cheek, but he turns his head, and they wind up kissing."

True Confessions
No sooner do their lips part than Ian throws fuel on the fire by admitting that he has fallen in love with Eve!  "I don't think Ian is someone to hide his feelings," admits his portrayer, Thorsten Kaye.

To say the least, Eve is stunned by the declaration.  "She respects Ian, but there's also a really deep attraction," admits Pinson.  But despite her momentary lapse, Eve quickly sets Ian straight, making it very clear that she's in love with Kevin.  What happened between them was a mistake, and nothing more.  And though obviously hurt, Ian has no choice but to respect her honesty.

"You can fall in love with someone that you shouldn't be involved with," explains Kaye, "but you've got to try and get away from that."

With that in mind, Ian suggests that perhaps he and Eve should stop playing detective, fearing that putting their heads together might result in a similar joining of the lips.

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A (Locked) Room With A View
Concerned about her patients, Eve refuses to back away from the investigation.  Could her decision to continue as Ian's partner in crimebusting be an indication that she's not all that anxious to put space between herself and the handsome doc?  "Ian is sort of a loose cannon," explains Pinson.  "He takes chances, and is kind of a rebel, and I think Eve is very attracted to that."

As if that weren't enough, the actress points out how nicely Dr. Thornhart fills out his scrubs.  "Have you taken a good look at the guy?" she laughs.

As for Ian, Kaye believes that his alter ego is "a good enough doctor to see that this woman might just want to solve the mystery and that it's not because of him."  On the other hand, Ian is a passionate man.  "He's going to go with his feelings, the same way he would treat a patient."

But while searching for the key to the mystery, Ian and Eve wind up behind the locked door of a file room!  After Eve falls asleep, the two of them are "caught" in what appears to be a compromising position by the last person Eve would want armed with dangerous information.

Dangerous Games
Still, exposure--indecent or otherwise--soon could be the least of Eve's worries.  Next week, she and Ian receive a cryptic message which prompts them to take a clandestine meeting with a third party in the park.  What they don't realize is that their spy game is being spied upon by Lucy, who soon finds her suspicious nature kicking into overdrive!

After putting the latest pieces of the puzzle together, Ian and Eve begin to have suspicions of their own, mostly concerning who is responsible for endangering the lives of patients at General Hospital.  Armed with the latest information, they also begin trying to predict who the next victim might be--and quickly realize that someone close to them might well be in grave danger!

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