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Renaissance Man

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Like alter ego Ian, Thorsten Kaye is a man of many talents and few words

Soaps In Depth

by Richard M. Simms, Published February 6, 2001

Don't confuse Thorsten Kaye with his PORT CHARLES alter ego, Ian Thornhart, or, for that matter, Ian's brother, Patrick, formerly of ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Llanview. "Patrick and Ian are both three inches taller and 20 pounds lighter than I am," explains the actor. "Or at least that's what I was told by a fan."

Front and Center
In talking to Kaye, it quickly becomes apparent that this is a man with a serious sense of humor, as quick with the quips as his onscreen persona is with a cure. And it is with humor fully intact that he has plunged headfirst into the hands of Fate, PC's first 12-week story arc which has pushed both sides of his persona to the fore.

"All I want is for this to work," admits Kaye when asked his reaction to being made so central a figure in the first phase of PC's revamped formula. "If it does, I'll give credit to the writers. If it doesn't," he jokes, "I'll blame Julie Pinson (Eve). My only concern about the new format was that some very good actors on our show were going to be sitting at home watching PASSIONS."

Circle of Friends
Should a little downtime be headed his way once this initial storyline concludes, Kaye is less likely to tune into another soap than to tap into his own passions -- namely, theater and writing, perhaps even penning a second book of poetry with longtime friend Dorothy Bridges, with whom he wrote From Timber Ridge to Daymer Gardens, in 1998. Assuming, of course, his co-author, the widow of actor Lloyd, can find the time! Dorothy is one of the busiest people I know," he admits. "She has the social calendar of a 20-year-old, so maybe we should get together for diner before we talk about another book."

Like his widow, Lloyd Bridges played an important role in Kaye's life, urging him to take the role of OLTL's Patrick back in 1995. "Lloyd told me that if you're lucky enough to do what you love and get paid for it, you are in a very select group." And like Bridges, who appeared in the 1983 primetime episode of LOVING, Kaye believes that the art, rather than the medium, is what counts. "Daytime, nighttime, movies, theater -- what's the difference? We have the chance every day to work on our craft."

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Play Time
Although his rounds as Dr. Thornhart leave little free time, the actor hopes eventually to squeeze in a return to his first love, the stage. "Choosing your favorite theatrical experience is a little like choosing your favorite dog," says the animal lover. "They all have a special place in your heart, and give memories that will never be replaced."

Recently, one particular play, a favorite in which he's twice before been involved, caught his eye. "There's a production of Cryano de Bergerac being mounted in Los Angeles starring Sarah Brown (Carly, GENERAL HOSPITAL) as Roxanne, and I think any actor worth his salt would love to joust with Miss Brown in that kind of setting."

Dream Team
As for his dream project, Kaye warns that it's a bit complex. "It involves Beck's beer, Jack Daniels and [watching] the Detroit Red Wings." After a pause, he adds, "Come to think of it, maybe it's not complicated at all!"

But where to find the time to while away hours in front of the tube? Never fear, for Kaye has a plan involving a face familiar to soap fans. "My favorite actor to watch or work with is Susan Haskell (ex-Marty, OLTL)," says the actor of his former on-screen and current off-screen leading lady. "As soon as she finds the success she so truly deserves, I'll have time to work on the aforementioned project."

But for now, his attention is focused on Ian's pursuit of Eve. "Downtime is always good," he admits, "but Hilda in accounting tells me I won't get paid if I don't work. So, personally, I think the charming Dr. Thornhart should be in every story!"

We're sure his many fans would agree.