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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Knockin' On Heaven's Door

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One of these characters is doomed to take a seat in the fifth chair

Soaps In Depth

Published April 2, 2002

According to PORT CHARLES’ angels’ heavenly honcho, someone they’re close to has a date with the Grim Reaper. The four emissaries were given only 13 weeks to complete their personal missions before one of them would have to guide someone they care about into the tunnel of light. So which of their friends or loved ones will be filling the fifth chair at that meeting table in the sky? Soaps In Depth narrows the field to five strong possibilities: Will it be Kevin, Lucy, Alison, Ian or Eve?

Kevin & Lucy Leave Town!
With Paige’s portrait finally complete, both Kevin and his former flame are saddened that it’s time for her to go. Eager to discover whether or not her tarot-card reading indicating that Paige has a family she didn’t know about is true, Lucy encourages her to return to London. “She thinks that the answers lie in Paige’s family home and insists that we go with her,” explains Jon Lindstrom (Kevin). But an ominous bolt of lighting on the way to the airport reminds Paige that time is of the essence.

Upon arriving at the creepy estate, Lucy puts on her detective hat and makes a revealing discovery. “She deduces that one of Paige’s ancestors must have done something to be banished from the family, and the house is unsettled that way,” offers Lynn Herring (Lucy). “It’s a mystery!” Could it be a clue to the nature of Paige’s true task?

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Rafe & Alison’s Love Flowers in The Attic!
At the barn, Alison grew even closer to Rafe when she shared memories of her lonely childhood. Aware that their growing intimacy could spell disaster, Rafe hopes that the cryptic phone call he made afterward will pay off big! “I think there’s a part of Rafe that wants to make things right for Alison because she wasn’t cared for when she was younger,” Erin Hershey (Alison) surmises. “When you love somebody that much, you just want them to always be okay – it’s a nurturing thing.”

Excited, Rafe leads Alison off to the surprise he’s created and announces that he’s expecting guests. But Ali’s again disappointed when Rafe’s plot flops. As the couple moves into each other’s arms to dance, lightning strikes, and Rafe notes with disdain that his watch hand has moved.

Eager to please his lady love, Rafe accompanies her on a treasure hunt in the Barrington family attic. “When Alison was little, she had no friends, so she would spend a lot of time there,” explains Hershey. “Rafe’s important to her, so she wants to share that part of herself with him.”

But what the angel finds there is the answer to a question he’d never even thought of. Could this be the big secret of Secrets? Or might Rafe still be escorting Alison on her eternal journey?

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Amy Cons Chris!
Amy knows that if she’s going to make good on her vow to kill Ian and avenge the death of her father, Harris, she’s got to get her hands on the photo that connects them. After lying in wait at the Thornharts’ loft, the dark angel swipes the damning evidence and rips it to shreds! Meanwhile, oblivious Ian concludes that his intruder might have been connected to the reason Amy is in the Witness Protection Program. Convinced by Chris that Amy stole the picture he gave her, Eve wastes no time seeking answers. 

“Eve’s pissed that Amy broke into the loft, and starts to believe maybe she has something to hide,” Julie Pinson (Eve) hints. 

Meanwhile, swayed by Amy’s insistence that the photo be kept private to protect her safety, Ian destroys the backup copy on Chris’ computer disk. Ian Wises Up! Later, Ian sees Ed’s face on a travel brochure and is disheartened when Victor concludes that Amy’s story is a scam! 

“Ian always likes to see the victim in weaker people, so he still tries to find a reason he should help her and why she would lie to him,” notes his portrayer, Thorsten Kaye. 

Before Ian can get to the truth, Amy takes delivery of the weapon she’s planning to use to kill him. Will she go through with her promise to avenge Harris’ death? Will she follow her heart, do away with Eve, and pursue Ian for herself? Or will her selfish scheme be spoiled? With the clock ticking, it’s a race against time to see which of Port Charles’ otherworldly visitors will complete their missions and which of their loved ones will keep their date with destiny. So many questions, so many secrets, so little time. Don’t miss a single moment!

GOING UP? The actors contemplate their characters' mortality

How would PC be affected if Ian were no longer aound?
I'd hope Eve and Danny would miss him. We always think we'll  be missed by a certain person, but it might be somebody completely different. Maybe they won't miss me at all." Suppose Eve was to die, what would Ian be doing? "Feeling very guilty, like he always does, like  his brother [ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Patrick] did before him."