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Is Ian OLTL's Patrick?


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Published May 30, 2000 But Thorsten Kaye -- who earlier this month debuted on PORT CHARLES as Dr. Ian Thornhart, the mysterious brother of his wildly popular ONE LIFE TO LIVE alter ego, Patrick -- hints that it may become increasingly difficult to tell the siblings apart.

The In Depth Story:  "I think that if two people are from the same family and share the same upbringing, there are going to be similarities," the actor observes, adding that Ian even may develop some of the same interests as his brooding look-alike. "One thing that people really enjoyed about Patrick was that he had a love for literature and poetry.  I think that could be picked up on [PC]."

Whether Ian will follow in Patrick's footsteps in the love department -- the romance of Patrick and Marty was one of the most popular in OLTL's history -- remains to be seen.  Kaye, who shares a home in Los Angeles with Marty's portrayer, Susan Haskell, admits that he's not sure with whom PC plans to pair him, although rumor has it that Ian will set his sights on Eve.  "Over the next few weeks, I think they'll see who works well together and try to build on that," he ventures.

Kaye left OLTL in 1997 after two years because "I didn't like living in New York, and Patrick's story was finished," he offers.  And although ABC may not be plotting an identity crisis for Ian and Patrick -- a la the Alex/Anna mystery on ALL MY CHILDREN -- a crossover always is a possibility.  "I don't know if Ian's going to travel to Llanview.  Maybe...I'm up for it."

In addition to appearing in the film The Prophet's Game, Kay's other post-OLTL credits include writing a book of poetry, From Timber Ridge to Daymer Gardens, with Dorothy Bridges, widow of late film star Lloyd Bridges.

In his debut, Kaye's Ian character rushes a child with head trauma into the emergency room and immediately begins ordering the staff around.  Later, look for the new doc to reveal to Joe and Chris a surprising secret about Karen.