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Will Thorsten Kaye Return?


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Published May 18, 1999

Thorsten Kaye (ex-Patrick) is setting the record straight about rumors that he's "begging" to return to OLTL: The talk is untrue, insists the actor, who just released a new poetry collection on CD.

The In Depth Story: Capping a two-year run as fan favorite Patrick Thornhart, Kaye left OLTL in October 1997 when his leonine poet faked his death to elude some deadly foes, then sneaked out of town with pregnant bride Marty in tow. "I left because it was time to leave," he says of his difficult decision to exit at the peak of popularity. "But I wouldn't mind coming back for a few months."

Kaye, in fact, is always happy to pay a visit to the OLTL studios when he travels from Los Angeles to New York City. However, a recent stopover got the rumor mill spinning off its axis. "It's kind of sad, because last time I stopped by, a soap magazine said I was there begging for my job back," he recalls with a laugh. "I was there to have lunch with Robert Woods (Bo)! So it's hard to go back just to say 'Hi.'"

Instead, while pondering a return to school to obtain his PhD in theater literature, Kaye remains on the prowl for the right opportunity. "I'm not going to lie to you," he says candidly. "I know people do these interviews and say, 'I was offered 15 TV shows and just decided to do something else.' Well, I haven't been. It's tough [in L.A.] if you're not pretty and young. But I knew that, and something will come around. It's cyclical."

Kaye's girlfriend -- and former OLTL leading lady -- Susan Haskell (ex-Marty) is making her own waves as Lt. Cmdr. Parker on the CBS military drama JAG. "She's talented, and a good-looking lady," Kaye observes sweetly. "She should be working."

These days, Kaye himself is taking great pride in the release of the book and CD From Timber Ridge to Daymer Gardens: A Journey In Words (available at The album features Kaye's eloquent readings of poetry penned by himself and Dorothy Bridges, wife of late film star Lloyd Bridges. "I was good friends with Lloyd, and met Dorothy through him," Kaye explains, adding that his special way with words dates back to his childhood. "Ever since I was a kid, I've always tried to put words together that make sense to me and, hopefully, to some others."