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Another Reunion Ahead for Haskell & Kaye?


Soaps In Depth

Published June 12, 2001

This week, Susan Haskell makes her final appearance as Granya, the deceased sister of PORT CHARLES' Ian (Thorsten Kaye). But could another reunion be in the stars for the couple who gained fame as ONE LIFE TO LIVE'S Marty and Patrick?

The In Depth Story: According to Kaye, the role of PC's Granya -- portrayed since mid-April by his onetime OLTL leading lady and real-life sweetheart -- was created to fill a void in Ian's life.

"The reason Granya showed up was that Ian needed someone to talk to," the actor shares with Soaps In Depth. "We needed to explain to the audience why Ian was doing what he was doing, and why he was putting Arianna's happiness ahead of Eve's. I think it worked."

Now, with Haskell about to sing her PC swan song (she last airs on Wednesday, May 30), might the actress be convinced to make an encore appearance? (She currently is filming a movie in which she acts opposite NYPD BLUE grad David Caruso).

"Of course, we talk about it," Kaye admits. "And if it was necessary, and would drive the plot forward, she would probably consider it. She had a good time."

Yet, with that said, Kaye believes Haskell's return is not imminent. "She's making a movie," he reiterates, "which is what she should be doing anyway."