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Happy Father's Day!

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How will Ian react to Eve's stunning news?

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Published June 12, 2001

Eve Gets A Gift
Searching for her new friend, Father Michael, Eve goes to the monastery, where she discovers a mysterious locked room. Michael arrives, presenting her with a baby cradle which he says will protect her and the baby against any evil. Although his words are odd, she assumes that he simply is being overly protective.

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A Ghostly Visit
Prepared to give up the search for Eve, Ian is bolstered by a chat with his deceased sister, Granya, who urges him to follow his heart. "Granya tells him that there's no one who is going to save him, he has to save himself," explains Ian's portrayer, Thorsten Kaye. "He comes to realize that at the end of the day, he does want a family, and he wants someone to share his life with."

With Arianna's health no longer an issue thanks to a transplant from Karen, Ian no longer must put her needs ahead of Eve's...or his own. "In talking to Granya, he learns that there is more to life," Kaye says. "[He realizes] that maybe your life should be good for you as well, not just [good for] other people."

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Can Eve Move On?
Michael, meanwhile, helps Eve to prepare for a new life far from Port Charles. "Her heart want to be in Port Charles with Ian," admits Eve's other half, Julie Pinson. "But she can't keep getting her hopes up only to have them dashed."

But could the answer to her prayers be just around the corner? Fate seems once again to be lending a hand when the next day, Ian encounters Michael, who issues an invitation to lunch. Ian declines, saying he must find the person for whom he is searching. Unfortunately, neither man realizes that they have a mutual acquaintance: Eve!

The Truth Is Exposed!
Drawn back to the monastery by something the priest said, Ian finds Eve with the cradle and deduces that she is pregnant. Finally, Eve is forced to tell Ian the truth. "She's relieved, but at the same time, there's a part of her that can't help but wonder if he's going to be happy about this," says Pinson.

Having experienced their love via past-life flashbacks, Eve wonders, "Is this the lifetime that Ian and I are meant to be together?" But Ian is thrilled, and the reunited couple prepare to return to Port Charles and face their future together. Oddly, a very nervous Michael urges them to leave the woods as quickly as possible.

Danger Unleashed!
Next week, as Ian and Eve prepare to head home, she decides to say one last goodbye to the priest. Searching the monastery, she eventually returns to the spooky locked room, only to find that this time, she is able to open the door. Ian's arrival prevents her from entering the dark chamber, and she never catches a glimpse of the terrifying secret kept behind the locked door. Worse, upon leaving the monastery, Ian and Eve fail to close the door. As Father Michael makes his way to town ready to make, rather than hear, a confession, Port Charles has no idea the terror about to be unleashed upon it!