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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Thorsten Kaye (Zach) is this issue's outstanding performer

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Published October 25, 2005

Plenty of Pine Valley’s strongest men have crumbled under the hawk-like scrutiny of Kendall Hart. The list of manly excellence is long, but its latest entry may be its last. ALL MY CHILDREN’s Zach Slater, who doesn’t let emotions get in the way of business or pleasure, is starting to see his wife as more than just convenient. The attraction amuses him. It bewilders her. And when Zach recently showed up to toast Kendall’s baby-to-be, Thorsten Kaye’s gentle softening of his character’s prickly demeanor made for one of the Slaters’ most satisfying exchanges to date.

A Change of Heart?
In the weeks since he learned about their plan to have a baby, Zach fought Kendall and Greenlee with all of the guilt, shame and reason in his arsenal. So it wasn’t surprising that his savvy missus thought something was up when he came knocking. “I know you’ve given this some serious thought, and you’ve backed it up with serious commitment. The way you feel for Greenlee and how you support her, I shouldn’t get in the way of that,” he said, proffering a bottle of expensive sparkling wine. The apparent honesty of his words knocked the former Ms. Hart off her game a little, but she recovered by tossing the bubbly against a wall and watching it shatter. Nonplussed, Zach asserted that he was on her side and didn’t flinch when she told him he couldn’t control her. “I know,” he answered. “And it actually makes it more interesting to see what you’re going to come up with next.” Infuriated, Kendall demanded to know if he married her just to push her around. Kaye’s mischievous nod yes, just as he said no, was pure genius.

Brutal Honesty
When you traffic in lies and treachery, the truth can be your best bet for catching people off guard. Though Myrtle had helped Zach explore how he felt, the afternoon visit was the first time he’d hinted at anything more than a grudging respect for Kendall. It threw her hard. “This marriage is not what I expected,” he said. As she started to protest, he quickly continued, “It’s me, my fault. My feelings for you have changed. I like you…I like you more.” Her resistance, already lowered, was obliterated when he promised to do anything she asked – even to tell her that morning sickness and a big belly wouldn’t impinge on her beauty. Then the grouchy Zach surfaced for a moment. “However, no matter how pretty your belly is now or how pretty it’s going to be, I’m not going to talk to it.” Kendall joked that she wanted a divorce, and Kaye’s smoldering gaze as he replied, “No, you don’t,” made it clear that the cagey cad will continue to have her – and the audience – curled around his finger as tightly as one of Mrs. Slater’s auburn curls.