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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Easy Rider


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Published October 30, 2001

There's something about the open highway that makes Thorsten Kaye (Ian) feel right with the world.  And when the need for speed hits, he  makes sure his 1987 Harley Davidson motorcycle is ready to roar.

"I just like getting away sometimes," he offers.  "It's a good way to think because you have to focus so much on the road that everything else seems to fall into place."

Despite the fact that Kaye always obeys the helmet laws, he readily admits he'd rather not.

"I tend to be more aware of the road when I'm not wearing a helmet because they give you a false sense of security," he ventures, adding, "and it doesn't help your hearing any!"

Thinking you'd like to go for a joyride on the back of Kaye's bike?  Well, forget it!  This guy rides alone or not at all.

"I have one seat on my bike," he says.  "If I were a lawyer, I'd probably ride with other people, but I'm not, so I just ride by myself."