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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Will Greenlee risk her freedom for Zach's life?

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Published November 20, 2007

Will Greenlee Risk Her Freedom for Zach's life?
Though the Halloween ghosts and goblins have cleared out ALL MY CHILDREN's Zach faces a truly frightening prospect this week as he's forced to count on Greenlee for his survival. But as serious injuries and the law bear down upon them, will the most dangerous threat be the one that the unlikely pair never saw coming?

Greenlee Breaks Free!
The week begins just after Kendall's plan for revenge has come to fruition: the fake journal entries Mrs. Slater planted on her former friend's laptop are all the police need to arrest Greens for intending to kidnap Spike! Once in police custody, Jack's daughter realizes she's been set up by the person whose love she's worked so hard to regain, and it isn't pretty - especially when another vital truth becomes evident. "She finds out not only what Kendall did to her but what Zach attempted to do to her; in other words, there were no eggs of hers that were fertilized by Ryan," says AMC co-writer Barbara Esensten.

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"She is kind of bereft and she's also a bit on the claustrophobic side, and Aidan's really worried about her." The Brit advises his girlfriend to plead guilty - against the counsel of her attorney father Jack - and assures her he'll take care of the rest. When she enters court that day, says co-headwriter James Harmon Brown, the results are epic: Devane sets off a huge diversion (think fireworks and explosions) and sweeps in to help her escape. 

"The most romantic scene I've ever scene was in The Last of The Mohicans, where Daniel Day Lewis says, "Wherever you are, I will find you," says Brown. "That's the kind of sense that we wanted to give these two, that 'no matter where you are, I will find you.'" To that end, Aidan tells the blonde to leave for Canada on a motorcycle he's set aside while he stays behind while he stays behind to deal with the consequences of their actions.

Of course, Greenlee being Greenlee, nothing goes according to plan. "What happens is, she can't get the motorcycle started," Esensten says with an it figures laugh. "So she starts running because she hears the police cars coming." But how far will she get?

Zach's Hurt!
Meanwhile, Kendall can't believe her plan to destroy Greenlee failed - and that Zach had been carrying out his own undercover vendetta against Ms. Smythe! "What happens with Kendall is, when you're mad at yourself, you're frustrated, you strike out at the people you know love you the most because that's safe," Esensten says. So when Kendall rails agains her secretive hubby, he takes off - but not for the reasons she thinks. Getting wind of the house called Paradise for sale up in the mountains, Slater takes action. "What gets him on the road is [he thinks] what they really need is to escape from everything for awhile. And what better place than a home called Paradise?" Esensten asks. But a flat tire puts the Cambias chief literally in harm's way; he gets hit by a car driven by Pine Valley's newest criminal Richie! "He's hurt, really, really badly," Esensten says. "Richie is afraid that if Zach survives this, he will be blamed for it. He's stolen JR's car so he takes the bloody Zach a mile or so away, throws him in a gully and takes off," Esensten says.

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Long after Richie's tail lights fade into the distance, who should come across Zach's lifeless body but his biggest nemesis: Greenlee! "She thinks he must have been out there looking for her, searching for her, and was going to kill her before she can get back into town," Esensten says, noting that poor cell phone reception makes calling an ambulance impossible. After a short battle with her conscience, Greens grudgingly decides to help her brother-in-law. "She struggles, bitching and moaning the whole time, to get Zach out of the ditch," says Esensten. Then, just when she spots a house in the distance and things seem to be looking up, they go in the opposite direction: Greens and Zach drop out of view, seeming to disappear before our very eyes! Could this mean that Zach and Greenlee's worst nightmares have come true and their precious last moments on Earth will be spent in the company of someone they despise?