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Pair of Aces

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Chemistry 101: Eavesdropping on the screen
couple, it's not hard to see why they click.

Lynn Herring (Lucy) and Thorsten Kaye (Ian) deal their soap a winning hand 

Soaps In Depth

by Kelli M. Larson, Published May 27, 2003

With the Daytime Emmy Awards just around the comer, the much-nominated cast of PORT CHARLES is simply bursting with excitement. Sitting down to swap thoughts - as well as a few good-natured jabs! - are two of its shining stars, Lynn Herring (Lucy) and Thorsten Kaye (Ian). We knew these veteran actors would provide some insight, but we had no idea they'd have such a howlin’ good time. See for yourself!
Soaps In Depth: Congratulations on PC's Emmy nomination for Outstanding Daytime Drama!
Lynn Herring: We're really appreciative because our crew worked so hard, and I’m proud of Thorsten because it's very cool that he got nominated [for Lead Actor]. His head is only swollen a little bit, but by fall, it’s either gonna be bigger than the stage or back to normal size! We were very excited for Kelly Monaco (Livvie) and Erin Hershey Presley (Alison), too, but the show being nominated was a big thing. Oh, and I'm also proud that two songs from our show were nominated. I'm begging Thorsten not to sing them himself at the awards.
Thorsten Kaye: I'm gonna put the songs together and sing them simultaneously.
Herring: Wow! Is Michael Easton (Caleb) singing backup?
Kaye: He's gonna do an interpretive dance!
Soaps In Depth: Lynn, you've been nominated twice before. What advice do you have for Thorsten about Emmy night?
Herring: I don't give him advice; he gives it to me. He's even designed my Emmy dress! Inside it is a compartment for a six-pack of beer. His advice was that I should wear the dress and pass him a beer before they call his category.
Kaye: It’s a nice dress. And I’m wearing I something fuchsia!
Herring: His cummerbund and his bow-tie are fuchsia. We're gonna be a matching beer set!
Soaps In Depth: Thorsten, one of the episodes you submitted was the one when Ian first admitted to Lucy that he loves her. Why did you choose it?
Kaye: To be honest, my boss did the choosing. But I like working with Lynn and thought those scenes worked well because they were about moving on and seeing that maybe there is another shot at something else.
Herring: I have to say I bamboozled him. I knew when we taped it that what he had done was wonderful. To me, that scene was the most natural, and the characters were at their best because they were so vulnerable. I’m really glad you listened to me for once in your life.
Kaye: You see? She can be nice for about 2 seconds, and then it turns into this.

Early Encounters

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Soaps In Depth: How did you two first meet?
Herring: We met on our way to New York for the Emmys.
Kaye: I tried to carry her luggage in the airport, and she refused.
Herring: He was trying to be a gallant gentleman, but I saw right through that.
Kaye: Which is fine, because when she goes anywhere, she brings a lot of clothes!
Herring: That is not true at all! He brings more clothes, makeup and hair utensils than I do.
Soaps In Depth: When did you first know that you clicked?
Kaye: Lynn's always been a big fan.
Herring: I wrote you letters when you were [playing Ian's brother, Patrick] on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, and you never answered me!
Kaye: I don't answer anybody.
Herring: The poetry is what sucked me in. I even sent you my original poems, and you didn't respond.
Kaye: Well, they weren't very good.
Herring: Now you tell me! Do you know why I really didn't talk to him in the airport? It was because he cut his hair. I was a fan of the [longer] hair [he had on OLTL].
Kaye: She still is.
Herring: And his flat iron.
Kaye: Hey, that’s a fashion secret!
Herring: Okay, who's in the makeup room longer? You!
Kaye: I’m in there maybe three minutes, but she's in there a long time. She puts those great big curlers in her hair, and she looks like she could be a mouse running around.
Soaps In Depth: What do you admire most about each other as actors?
Herring: His hair.
Kaye: See, that’s not right! She's a great listener - I’ve always said that.
Herring: He is always easy to listen to because he gives me so much.
Soaps In Depth: Have you ever had anything funny happen during your love scenes, like the bed collapsing?
Herring: Not that I could ever tell! You know, Ian and Lucy never have sex in bed. It’s always on the fireplace hearth, the couch, the floor, the table... Have we ever slept in a bed?
Kaye: No. And whenever we walk into a room and there's a fire going, you know there's gonna be sex. [Or] maybe it’s just cold.
Herring: So you see, we can't answer the bed-collapsing question. We've never been in one.

Dream Weavers

Soaps In Depth: After working such a tough schedule, has it been nice to be on hiatus, or do you miss the daily grind?
Herring: Both! I love my freedom to do what I want, but I miss everyone.
Kaye: I miss it. You know, you want to be an actor. It’s nice to be a cow brander [like Herring] or...
Herring: A hair stylist, like you!
Kaye: (Laughs.) Ah, crikey! But that’s what we want to do. It’s not about an award. It’s nice to be recognized as a show and as individuals, but I think that as actors, the opportunity to face a daily challenge is what we want most to do.
Soaps In Depth: What in your wildest dreams would you like to see happen to Ian and Lucy?
Kaye: As long as they are human problems, I think we can deal with them.
Herring: Why couldn't we try being a couple that’s happy? We've never done that! After everything Lucy's overcome, I think she could learn to be happy.
Kaye: I’ll try happiness. But I also want to try going to Detroit and helping out that hockey team a little bit.
Herring: I’m gonna be a Zamboni driver and he's gonna be a Detroit Red Wing, and we come back in other lives and win the Stanley Cup!