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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Role Model vs. Role Model

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"I always liked telling stories," Kaye says of the reason he became an actor despite having reservations.


Soaps In Depth

Published July 9, 2002

Thorsten Kaye (Ian) didn't come to the States with big dreams of being an actor. He wanted to play soccer. "I had a scholarship to a big school [United States International University] in San Diego, CA," he recalls, noting that he was in his native England at the time.

As fate would have it, Kaye got a great big sign that the move was the right thing to do. "I had a Triumph motorcycle that I put under a bus, and I dislocated my shoulder," he reveals. "And then the school said they needed me to come out two weeks later."

Unable to wait, Kaye sold what was left of his bike, and purchased a one-way plane ticket to San Diego. "When I got there it was so late that I slept under some palm trees and bushes right outside the airport and the sprinklers woke me up the next morning," he recalls, chuckling. "So that was my first night in the States!"

That's A Fact

Kaye rides a Harley Davidson motorcycle.