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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Forgive, sure - but forget? Kaye knows one thing about the Slaters: "Something has to happen."

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Published March 10, 2008

There's no arguing that ALL MY CHILDREN's Kendall has changed Zach into a more open and trusting man than he was when they first met -- and that, says portrayer Thorsten Kaye, is why the shock of her affair with Aidan will hurt even more than normal. "I think that Zach was very much a black-and-white guy to start out with, and I think someone like Kendall opened the possibility for people to have some kind of redemption [with him]," he says. 

Still, the actor says that time in the bomb shelter with Greenlee taught Zach that he isn't always right "and that there is another story that may make sense, also." But Mr. Slater's personal growth may be stunted when he realizes precisely what happened between his wife and her ex. "You can forgive somebody, and that's okay and I think he's learned that, which almost makes it harder," he says. "But she's not the same person. She's not who he thought she was, because that person? She wouldn't have done it."