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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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He's A Poet; Do You Know It?


Soap Opera Digest

Published March 14, 1997

ONE LIFE TO LIVE character Patrick Thornhart is a hopeless romantic with a passion for poetry. But what about his alter ego, Thorsten Kaye? "There are a lot of similarities between us," says the actor of his real and on-screen selves. "I also have a love for poetry."

As proof, Kaye recently participated in "Poet, Pass By," a night of readings and music in celebration of Irish poet William Butler Yeats presented by the Yeats Society Of New York. During the program, which also featured a special appearance by OLTL alum Malachy McCourt (ex-Tommy Kenneally), Kaye read selections of Yeats' work.

Those in attendance were moved by Kaye's deep, lilting voice as he interpreted the words with deep understanding and emotion. It was a night to savor for poetry and Llanview fans alike, many of whom were there.

Aside from reading poetry, Kaye also writes. Two of his original pieces, "Miles From Home" and "Mother Ocean," were recently published in "Patrick's Notebook," a collection of poetry and prose that also includes several pieces by Yeats. The OLTL tie-in, which is accompanied by an audiotape reading by Kaye himself, is published by Hyperion Books and is available in many bookstores throughout the United States.