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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Outstanding Lead Actor: Thorsten Kaye (Zach Slater, AMC)

Soap Opera Digest

Published May 2, 2006

Where were you when you got the news?

"I was on set doing graveyard scenes with Dixie and Julie [Hanan Carruthers, AMC executive producer] came down after the scenes and told me. It's nice. I don't get awards that much."

Do you think you'll win?

"No. I saw Tony Geary's scenes. That's okay. I wouldn't know where to put it anyway."

Do you care?

"I'm not sure what it means. If you win, that means you are the 'best actor.' Does that mean you weren't the best actor the year before? You got really good? Or everyone else got really bad? I do like being in the running. It's nice to be recognized."

Are you happy that the Emmys are in L.A.?

"The best thing about having the Emmys in New York is that I could slip out if it got boring and go to Prohibition with [Robert S.] Woods [OLTL's Bo]."