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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Thorsten Kaye (Zach, All My Children)

Soap Opera Digest

Published September 18, 2007

Zach's tough-yet-tender nature is what Kendall (and viewers) fell in love with, and Kaye's current storyline has been a stellar showcase for the skill with which he personifies both extremes of Zach's psyche.

This week, Zach was there to catch Kendall when she almost crumbled under the weight of Spike's he'll-never-hear-again diagnosis, noting, "She wants things to be okay.  I'll support her in that.  And then, when reality sets in, I'll support her in that, too."  But when Ryan blamed Zach for the events that caused Spike's condition, Slater showed that he's as menacing an enemy as he is magnificent a husband, cooly refusing to be judged by "the man who embraced Greenlee, brought her here, gave her a free-access pass to our lives...You trusted her," he snapped.  "Now here we are."

Then Zach collected himself, cuddled with Spike and had bone-tired Kendall moved to a room adjoining her boy's, carrying her there himself.  ("I haven't been to the gym much, but I"m still a very strong individual," he teased when his maneuver left Kendall speechless.)  Massaging his wife, peppering her with kisses, he turned the sterile hospital room into a awarmth-filled oasis.  But Zach's own fortitude would be tested soon enough when Joe broke the news that Ian needed emergency surgery.  Zach asked if Ian would feel any pain.  "He'll have no memory of it," Joe assured.  "But I will, Joe," replied an unreassured Zach.  "I will."

To see the  man who credibly stared down a serial killer nearly brought to his knees at the thought of hsi defenseless son in pain...well, that's the beauty of what Kaye brings to the AMC table.

We know what the man really wants is for Detroit to win the Stanely Cup.  But we hope he'll accept our praise instead.