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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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The Dearly Departed: Where Are They Now?

Thorsten Kaye (ex-Patrick, 1995-1997)

Soap Opera Digest

Published October 26, 1999

Why did you leave ONE LIFE TO LIVE?  "My contract was up.  I felt that we'd told the story we wanted to tell and that there were other things I could do."

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You've got a book of poetry and a CD, both entitled From Timber Ridge to Daymer Gardens.  What else have you done?  "A movie with Dennis Hopper called The Prophet's Game.  It'll be released in Europe and maybe here.  I'm doing 'the Voice' - but you have to see it to know what 'the Voice' is."

Would you return to OLTL?  "If you're an actor and you're not working, you're not an actor.  If there's a story that needs telling and somebody thinks I'm the one to do it, I'd love to give it a shot."

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Who do you still keep in touch with from the show?  "I just talked to Bob Woods [Bo] yesterday.  That guy's great.  I wish he would be used to his potential.  You watch some actors and go, 'Oh, he's an actor.'  And Bob has never been caught acting."

Do you watch the show?  "No.  I didn't watch it when I was on it!  If it were on during the night, I might."

Any regrets?  "Oh, many. [Deadpans] I wish I could play the piano...You mean about soap operas?"

Any changes in your personal life since leaving?  "No, not really.  Nothing here.  I'm happy.  I live in L.A. full time, where my dogs [Graycie and Bear] are.  I think that's where your home is, where the people you care about live."