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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Port Charles' Thorsten Kaye (Ian)

Soap Opera Digest

Published February 11, 2003

We all try not to play favorites, but with these actors, who could help it? Here, their coworkers pay tribute by gushing about everything -- from supportiveness to sex appeal -- that makes them so special.

"I love Thorsten's dressing room. It's much more comfortable to go and run lines with him in there than in my dressing room. Thorsten has the pad! He has all of his [Detroit] Red Wings stuff up and all of his Miami Dolphins stuff. He always leaves his door open; he's very welcoming to everybody. His dressing room is kind of near the makeup room, so it seems to be the hangout. Whenever you pass by to go to makeup, you're bound to get sidetracked if Thorsten is in there, usually playing his music. There's always something going on in there." —Shannon Sturges (ex-Kate)

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"Who doesn't turn to Thorsten Kaye for advice? He's like Big Papa around here. We always go and knock on his door when any question needs to be answered." —Eddie Matos (Ricky)

"Whenever I have a question about something that I'm not sure of or I need some insight on, I always go to Thorsten. He's so generous and kind, and he's willing to give you his time. If you should ever need it, all you have to do is say, 'Thorsten, I need to talk to you.' And, I swear, it seems like he drops everything. He'll talk to you about everything -- professional to personal." —Erin Hershey Presley (Alison)

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"I haven't worked with anybody the same way that I work with Thorsten. I love working with him. For some reason, we're on the exact same track of what we hope for, and our professional standards are the same. It's such a pleasure. Plus, we drink beer and we like hockey [laughs]! So, who could ask for more?" —Lynn Herring (Lucy) "If I had my choice as an actor, I would want my character to be involved in a storyline with Thorsten Kaye. He is the best actor on this show. He works harder than anyone, and he thinks beyone the page. When you get to work with an actor like Thorsten, you learn...and it's a treat! I've been on this show since the beginning. Sometimes you have those days where you think you've pretty much got it. Then somebody like Thorsten will come along and say a line a little differently, and it makes you listen again and reminds you of what you're supposed to do. I watch him take out lines and add things -- he does it professionally, of course, going to the producers ahead of time -- and he works desperately hard to make everything make sense. I think he's phenomenal." —Nolan North (Chris)