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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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A Thorny Heart


Soap Opera Update

Published October 10, 2000

From the moment he arrived, PORT CHARLES' Dr. Ian Thornhart has been singularly focused on providing medical treatment to those in need, sometimes bypassing his bedside manner.  However, in a rare glimpse into his personal life, we saw why he is so determined to save the world.

Ian invited himself along as Eve went to go help Alison and Jamal.  They got stuck in a traffic jam and talked about a case they shared earlier. A pregnant teen nearly lost her child and her own life as well.  It touched a deep nerve for both doctors, for different reasons.

Doctors usually at odds, Ian and Eve bonded over tales of love and loss.

Most viewers know that Eve was pregnant as a young woman, and because she didn't have proper medical treatment, she lost the baby.  The case brought all of those memories back for her.

For Ian, his younger sister had also found herself pregnant, but decided to have an abortion.  Unfortunately, Ian was away at medical school.  She went to a disreputable doctor and bled to death.  The guilt and pain over his sister's death permeated every fiber of his being in that moment.  It's also when Ian began to realize that he had more than a professional regard for the beautiful doctor.

Kudos to Thorsten Kaye and Julie Pinson for a job well done!