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Marty and Patrick (One Life to Live)

Soap Opera Update

Published July 9, 1996

Call it the luck of the Irish!  When Marty Saybrooke took off for Ireland to deal with her eccentric aunt, she was still suffering over her break-up with Dylan Moody. It was there that Patrick Thornhart came crashing into her life. Terrified by her feelings for him, Marty fled home and took the safe route of marrying Dylan. Patrick followed her to Llanview, unwilling to let go of what they had found together.

Just a few short weeks ago, Marty finally admitted that it's Patrick she wants to be with, but when Dylan suffered a potentially crippling accident, her guilt won out and she decided to make their marriage work. Where does this leave Patrick?

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Undaunted, according to Thorsten Kaye, who portrays him. "He knows in his heart that they are meant to be together," he says of the star-crossed couple.

Susan Haskell (Marty) agrees. "It is a complete, passionate, all-encompassing love that Marty has for Patrick. Some people are fine never having that. I think they never realize (it exists)."

Even Christopher Douglas (Dylan) believes that Marty belongs with his character's nemesis. "It's a hard situation for anybody to be in when they're tom between two people...," he says, "(but) Marty's true love is Patrick."

At the moment, though, things look bleak for this couple. Executive producer Susan Bedsow Horgan .says, "Blair will find herself starting to need Patrick more and more." As Blair starts to fall in love with him, she’s hoping that with Marty out of reach, Patrick will finally turn to her.”