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A Closer Look: Zach

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Soap Opera Weekly

by Carolyn Hinsey, Published January 28, 2008

WEEKLY: Zach's crazy ex-wife Hannah dies this week.

THORSTEN KAYE: Yes, she plummets to her death into the raging water that runs right to the ocean there in Pennsylvania. The weirdest part about that is that I was holding on to Hannah, she let go, and I looked up and Greenlee looked completely different. Obviously, Hannah's death took a bigger toll on her than it did on me.

WEEKLY: Are you sad they killed Hannah?

KAYE: I'm sad at the possibility of what the character could have been.

WEEKLY: Zach turns to Kendall for comfort, which fans will like.

KAYE: I shaved for that show. They wanted me to shave in the hospital. What? I haven't seen my kid yet and you want me to shave? This chapter is done, so I did it. IF a man is clean-shaven and there's a fire going, you know what's coming next.

WEEKLY: How's the sex?

KAYE: It was nice for me, but it might seem kind of short for the average viewer.

WEEKLY: What does Hannah's death do to Zach?

KAYE: The interesting thing coming out of this is that Hannah sold the business back to Chandler. What that sets up for me is that hopefully David Canary and I can finish our story.

WEEKLY: Indeed, Adam tortured Zach about Hannah's death this week.

KAYE: And then I grab him by the throat. The cool thing about the scene was that he pretends to faint and have a heart condition. They call the police. I like doing battle with that guy. This character [Zach] at this point doesn't know where to put things - and he doesn't even know his wife f--ed Aidan! He wants to know where things fit. This guy is not afraid of anything right now. He thinks he cheated death. No one can get to him.

WEEKLY: Except people who taunt him about Hannah's death.

KAYE: We keep going back to the same thing: Zach not being able to save everyone, especially women. His mother... Erica in the beginning... Kendall... even Greenlee. He wants to save all these women. Not being able to do that haunts him more than Hannah being gone.

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WEEKLY: Did you know that Ryan kisses Kendall this week?

KAYE: I did not know that.

WEEKLY: What do you think about that?

KAYE: Honestly? It would be nice to tell a story about two people without all these other characters. Why can't these two guys work out their problems themselves? If I had a problem with my wife, I would sit down and say, "What's going on?" That doesn't happen here. Now Ryan thinks he loves Kendall, and Kendall isn't sure who she loves. All that does for me is take the characters backward. Kendall was a lot more secure six months ago. As an actor, I like to see growth.

WEEKLY: On top of all that, we find out this week that Kendall has written a book.

KAYE: Where does she find the time? She's raising two kids, f--ing an ex-FBI agent and writing a book? No wonder it took her a month-and-a-half to find her husband.

WEEKLY: Maybe Zach can write a book, too.

KAYE: Yes. A book of limericks about Aidan.

WEEKLY: Go ahead.

KAYE: Give me a minute...

A Special Ops stud, Aidan Devane,
Found some comfort to deal with his pain

With Kendall Hart Slater

Oh, she'll get hers later

When she's standing alone in the rain.

WEEKLY: Patrick Thornhart, eat your heart out.

KAYE: Nice.