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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Chatting with Thorsten Kaye (Zach, AMC)

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Carolyn's Corner

Soap Opera Weekly

Published June 24, 2008

Thorsten: I saw your cover with Beth Ehler [coming to All My Children]. They still haven't decided who she's going to play. I gave them my idea, but no one listens to me anymore.
Carolyn: What was your idea?
Thorsten: I suggested that Ryan take over Tempo, because he's got nothing to do. Greenlee and Kendall get together and buy him Tempo, and with it comes this editor. The first thing she does is go up to the casino, because she thinks there's something fishy going on. That's Beth. [Zach says], "You need to stay away from this stuff." And then Ryan, or course, says, "She can do whatever she wants." Then Zach gets a little something going with Beth, and Ryan even gets a little something. Greenlee and Kendall both get jealous, and they're the ones who brought her in the first place!
Carolyn: She'd be playing a new character?
Thorsten: Yeah, I don't like people coming back and playing someone we already know. And I wanted to bring the Tempo thing in because it's nice to have a magazine on the canvas. It's already established and it's already got sets.
Carolyn: I love a good magazine storyline. So, tell me about Zach kicking Richie's ass this week after figuring out it was Richie who buried Zach and Greenlee alive in the bunker.
Thorsten: Zach finds out it was Richie because he hears his voice and starts putting it together. He goes to visit him in jail. Young Zach has a little bit of power, a little money, and that takes care of a lot of badges and paperwork. So they let Zach into the jail to see him. It was supposed to be me walking in and just hitting him, which seemed a little juvenile, because Aidan comes and hits him and somebody else comes and hits him, and after a while it gets very cartoony with everybody just hitting this guy. So they allowed me to bring in a bat kind of hidden in my jacket. I kneel down to him and say, "You know what's coming." And we have a weird kind of father/son moment where he knows he screwed up, so now it's time to pay the price. He gets beaten up pretty good, but you never see it, which I thought would be a better choice. You see us kneeling down and the next thing you see is him on the floor, bloody. Leave it to the imagination. The imagination is always better than what I can come up with.
Carolyn: Just like when people have sex on soaps. Pan to the fireplace, then show them in bed the next morning.
Thorsten: On, my God, pan to the fireplace and pan right back, and I'm done (laughs). Make it look like time passed.
Carolyn: Go to commercial. "Give me three minutes of Febreze and I'm done."
Thorsten: Three minutes? Thank you. You flatter me.
Carolyn: So this revelation about the bunker leads to Richie leaving town?
Thorsten: This leads to Richie trying to leave town. I don't think he's going to make it.
Carolyn: Hint! Are you presenting at the Emmys?
Thorsten: No. They don't want me. Cameron Mathison is hosting and they want Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams [Angie and Jesse].
Carolyn: That surprises me. I think fans are going to be upset that you aren't presenting.
Thorsten: I don't kow. I would have thought they would have liked to have seen Alicia [Minshew, Kendall] and I together, but I guess not. It's okay. I'm still going because Susan [Haskell; One Life to Live's Marty) is presenting.
Carolyn: So you can go to all the parites and not have to worry about presenting.
Thorsten: Yeah. It will be just like when I do present. "There's rehearsal at 3 o'clock? Okay. I'll be there. Sure."