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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Thorsten Kaye's Favorite New Show?

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 Dancing With The Stars

Soap Opera Weekly

by Carolyn Hinsey, Published October 9, 2007

WEEKLY:  Do you enjoy watching your friend Cameron Mathison every week?
KAYE:  Yes, but I'm a little disappointed.  I got the call from Dancing With The Stars way before he did.  They were pretending to be a pharmaceutical company, like they always do.  "Thorsten, did you order Ambien online?"  But I knew who it was.  They called me because of my passion for dancing.  But, you know, it's fine.Click to enlarge
WEEKLY:  Do you think you would have been so much better than everyone else that it wouldn't have been fair?
KAYE:  Because of my commitment to the craft, and my interpretation of certain dances, I don't know if America would have been ready for me.  I'm a storyteller through dance.
WEEKLY:  An interpretive dancer?
KAYE:  Oh, it's much bigger than that. Interpretive dancers do a smaller version of what I do.
WEEKLY:  Are people involved in your dancing:
KAYE:  At times.  It depends on the sotry I'm telling.  But what's really important here is that we re-establish the dominance and superiority of daytime in dance.
WEEKLY:  How do you propose we do that?
KAYE:  Cameron has decided that he will do this for us.  For all of us.  He's going through the rehearsals and learning all the dances.  He's dancing for us -- for daytime.  He is the feet of daytime.
WEEKLY:  How can we support him?
KAYE:  First of all, we need people to vote.  Even if you look at his dance steps and you don't understand what he's doing, you still need to vote for him.  If he wins this, which I think he can, and I've talked to Cameron about this, we're going to have a big party for everybody.
WEEKLY:  Everybody who voted?
KAYE:  Sure.  We'll celebrate daytime at night -- and the "Year of the Dance."

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