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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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A Closer Look: Zach

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Soap Opera Weekly

by Carolyn Hinsey, Published November 20, 2007

Zach disappears this week on AMC, but is he gone for good?  Let's ask his portrayer, Thorsten Kaye.

WEEKLY:  Where is Zach going when he disappears?
KAYE:  He's looking for a place to buy for Kendall.  That's what people do in Pine Valley when they piss off their wife.  They go buy them a new house.
WEEKLY:  So he leaves?
KAYE:  Yes.  He's got a new car, and as always happens with new cars, one of the tires goes out.  Then he gets run over.  Not a good day for young Zach.
WEEKLY:  The driver of the car turns out to be Richie.  Is he aiming for Zach?
KAYE:  Honestly, I don't know if it's on purpose, or he's just not paying attention.  Richie comes back and sees Zach is bleeding.  He got hit pretty bad.  His Armani suit is cut, which I'm not pleased about.  He picks Zach up, puts him in the car, and then drives him further down the road and throws him out of the moving car.  That's where most of Zach's injuries come from.  It's not a nice thing to do.
WEEKLY:  Zach can't fight back against little Richie?
KAYE:  That's what they have to do now.  They hit me with cars.
WEEKLY:  Because if Richie tried to punch you, you would take him down?
KAYE:  The character of Zach would, yes.  This old man would not.  I would call Cameron Mathison.
WEEKLY:  Coincidentally, Richie has a photo of JR on him that he can leave on Zach's body to frame JR.
KAYE:  Well, Richie steals JR's car.
WEEKLY:  JR carries head shots?
KAYE:  I guess so.
WEEKLY:  Where does Zach disappear to?
KAYE:  He goes out to buy a new suit.  His suit is ruined.  Once it's ripped, there's no way to mend it.
WEEKLY:  No, seriously, when is he found?
KAYE:  He's not.
WEEKLY:  Did you get fired?
KAYE:  Yes.  That's the other interview I want to do with you.  Do you need anyone to do errands for you?
WEEKLY:  Okay, you can't give it away.  Tell me about the remote filming you did at Bear Mountain, N.Y.
KAYE:  I got to see some old friends, the stunt guys.  We did the scenes of me being hit by the car and being thrown from the car.  It was fun.
WEEKLY:  Are you the only one at the Bear Mountain remote?
KAYE:  No, there are a whole bunch of people there, too, looking for me.  It's good.  We don't do woods well in the studio.  Did you know that in New York studios, you can't use real plants?  You can on the West Coast, where there are fires everywhere, but you can't on the East Coast.  So it's going to look good.  I'm excited.  Just reading the scripts, it reads younger to me.  Things are happening faster.
WEEKLY:  Zach turns up in an unlikely place next week with Greenlee.
KAYE:  Yeah.  I think he's going to be all right - but it may take a while.