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A Closer Look: Zach

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Soap Opera Weekly

by Carolyn Hinsey, Published December 4, 2007

This week Greenlee saves a delrious Zach, and the pair are left with no choice but to work together to try and escape the bunker. Is that even possible? Let's ask Zach's portrayer, Thorsten Kaye.

WEEKLY: Zach's injuries cause him to hallucinate this week, and he thinks Greenlee is Kendall. How does that happen?
WEEKLY: Seriously.
KAYE: What Zach needs is for Kendall to be there, so Greenlee pretends to be Kendall to help him. And she does help him. It's a human moment. Hopefully, it will come across that way. Not until later does she say, "Why did you do what you did to Greenlee?"
WEEKLY: And then Zach tells Greenlee that Kendall was going to confess to framing her in court but he stopped her?
KAYE: Yeah. He says to Greenlee, thinking she's Kendall, "There's no way you're going to stand up and defend her in court. Not going to happen." So Greenlee knows Zach would have sent her to jail.
WEEKLY: Does that make Greenlee mad?
KAYE: Greenlee's always mad.
WEEKLY: What's the endgame of all this?
KAYE: That's a tough one to answer. because there's an endgame on different levels for different people. Zach eventually comes to see the good in Greenlee -- the trying and the inability to communicate to other people what she wants. And maybe not knowing what she really wanted and going about things in all the wrong ways. I think what Zach realizes is that doing things badly doesn't necessarily make you a bad person.
WEEKLY: So they have a mini-kumbaya and then Zach notices a ladder high up on the wall that could lead to a way out. Were those scenes an excuse for you to show off your muscles?
KAYE: Definitely not. The only gym I go to is O'Flaherty's Bar & Grill. You got the wrong guy there. That's the whole point. You have two people here, and they're both injured. The two of them together will make one person. Maybe together they can get something done. They don't want to be stuck with each other any longer.
WEEKLY: Do they reach the ladder?
KAYE: Yes. Zach is able to make a rope ladder out of Greenlee's crushed hopes and dreams, and they climb out.
WEEKLY: Seriously. Can you hint at how they get rescued?
KAYE: I can't, because Zach and Greenlee think they're going to die. And you're supposed to think they're going to die.
WEEKLY: Please. AMC would never kill Zach. While all this is going on, Kendall receives a charm bracelet that Zach sent her before he disappeared.
KAYE: Really? That was nice of me.