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ABC Hosts A Super Soap Weekend
Soap Opera Weekly - December 5, 2006
By Carolyn Hinsey

Thorsten Kaye, ABC Photo -- Click to enlargeABC treated fans (and the press) to a three-day extravaganza at Disney-MGM Studios in Orlando, Fla., Nov. 10-12. Here [is one of] ABC's funniest men with [his] take on all the shenanigans.

Thorsten Kaye
Zach, All My Children

WEEKLY: You get a huge reaction, from fans down here.
Kaye: That's because I ride the motorcade with my fly open.
WEEKLY: What's been your favorite thing with [daughter] McKenna so far?
Kaye: She loved the princess breakfast. Those princesses are really going places. They're going to get their own castle one of these days.
WEEKLY: Have you gotten a lot of feedback on the Kendall/Zach cover you just did for WEEKLY?
Kaye: Feedback for me is usually my boss saying, "Thanks for not embarrassing us so that we have to apologize to a million people." So I think it turned out well.
WEEKLY: Do you know what the story of Zach's house is?
Kaye: I know what it's supposed to be. I think it could be a real interesting story, not just for me but to explain the history of the character, which I think is very important. Zach helps everybody, and we don’t know why.
WEEKLY: I would like it if it turns out that Ethan wasn't really Zach's son, and he still has a son out there.
Kaye: One that looked a little bit more like him?
(ABC honcho Brian Frons comes over.)
Frons: May I join you?
WEEKLY: Of course. We were just talking about the mysterious house…
Kaye:…and a character's scars, and how that changes who the character is.
WEEKLY: The more history you can bring to a character, the more layers he has. Not to the point where you bore the head of the network, of course.
Kaye: Oh, I have no trouble boring the head of the network. I'm pretty good at that.