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PC's Ian and Eve Split


Soap Opera Weekly

by Joanne Gallo, Published October 23, 2001

Ian and Eve are newlyweds and new parents, but that doesn't keep their relationship from hitting the skids this week on Port Charles.

An enraged Ian blames Kevin for turning Eve against him and punches him.  Lucy breaks up the brawl and insists that an evil presence in Port Charles is creating their animosity.  "Ian is aware of the dark side of life - call it Caleb, if you want," offers Thorsten Kaye (Ian).  "But I think he still believes that the doctor in him will wake up one day from his bad dream to find that it's human nature to love one another."

Eve shows up on Kevin's doorstep with Daniel and announces that she moved out of her and Ian's apartment and needs a place to stay.  "I don't believe Ian was surprised one bit," admits Kaye.  Nevertheless, he continues to lash out at Kevin for manipulating Eve.  Even Lucy gets suspicious and accuses Kevin of wanting to break up Ian and Eve.

Ian  manages to convince Eve to change her mind and return home with him - but that doesn't last long because Anne-Marie visits Eve and warns her about Ian.  The next thing you know, Eve asks Ian to pack his bags and leave.

"I hate to say this, but maybe Eve is led by emotion rather than reason," states Kaye.  "I guess what that means is that she sacrifices long-term interest for the satisfaction of being right."

Later, when Eve tells Kevin about Anne-Marie's visit, he becomes suspicious of the mystery woman and sets out to get Ian's side of the story. Eve will have a lot of apologizing to do.