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Thorsten Kaye
Outstanding Performer of the Week of September 8

Soap Opera Weekly

by JD, Published October 7, 2003

As Ian’s vampirism surged out of control on Port Charles, baring his fangs gave Thorsten Kaye the chance to expose both the beast and the soul within.

Ian had stolen Chris’s experimental serum in search of a cure, but its effect instead was to unleash his inner monster, and he confronted Kevin over Lucy. Kaye’s body language was loose as Ian pounded a vending machine, flaunting his strength. He had the self-satisfied smirk of a cat eyeballing a mouse as he sized up Kevin. Ian climbed into a chair but squatted on his haunches and rocked nervously; yet his voice remained calm and the topic mundane. But the tempo and volume of his speech increased and his tone became lower and more guttural. Barely able to contain his impulses, Ian paced, flashed his teeth in Kevin’s face, then threw a table. Kaye’s breathing became loud and animalistic.

When Kevin expressed fear, Ian smiled, then slapped his own face as if to regain his composure. But Kaye’s mien turned even more menacing. “Maybe I need to feed on you,” he growled, before suddenly reaching out to roughly caress Kevin’s wrist and beg him to put him in touch with his dark side.

As Kevin begged for his life and mentioned Lucy, “Ian roared “Always do what’s best for Lucy!” threatened Kevin, then abruptly reversed gears again and asked for guidance in dealing with the dark side. Sucking his breath in great, heaving gasps and spitting his S’s like a serpent, Kaye spoke of the “sweet, sacred sense of liberation when the darkness comes.” Ian rocked in his seat, clapped his hands, and muttered “Share with me, Kevin,” like a vampire junkie jonesing for a fix.

Ian accused Kevin of poisoning Lucy against him, then transformed into his vampire self and loomed over Kevin when Lucy arrived. Ian bared his fangs and hissed, but she still tried to talk him down until Chris was able to sedate him.

Ian may be a vampire, but Kaye’s performance showed us the real demon tormenting him was just a green-eyed monster called jealousy.