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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Two Men And A Baby

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AMC's Cameron Mathison and Thorsten Kaye on love triangles, Sonny and Carly, and who's bigger (no, not that!)

Soap Opera Weekly

Published December 20, 2005

All My Children's Zach is married to Kendall, who is carrying Ryan's child after impregnating herself with his sperm when they thought Ryan was dead in order to give his widow, Greenlee, Ryan's child. However, Kendall used her own egg, so an outraged Greenlee left town. Ryan and Zach aren't too amused with Kendall either, but their portrayers, Cameron Mathison and Thorsten Kaye, are entertained by pretty much everything -- including each other.

Soap Opera Weekly: Thanks to agreeing to this interview.
Cameron Mathison: This should go very well for me (rolls his eyes).
Weekly: Thorsten is pretending to be upset that Alicia Minshew called Ryan Kendall’s soulmate at Super Soap Weekend.
Mathison: You know what his real insecurity is? He knows Ryan is very well-endowed and is a better lover. (Looks at Kaye.) I think I probably shouldn’t have opened that door this early in the conversation because I’m about to get killed.
Thorsten Kaye: Well-endowed? Is that the biggest difference between Cameron and Ryan?
Mathison: Yes, actually it is. On top of that, Ryan is a way better fighter than Cameron. Cameron would get his ass kicked.
Weekly: What do these guys see in Kendall? She’s such a liar.
Mathison: All Ryan sees in Kendall right now is the fact that she’s carrying his child. The only connection they have is trying to figure out whether or not to have it.
Weekly: Are you excited for a steamy love triangle?
Kaye: I’m up for it. What do you think?
Mathison: Do they ever have threesomes in triangles? I said that out loud, didn’t I?
Kaye: This is a different kind of threesome.
Mathison: I’m sorry. Sometimes I see it in my head and then it plays out so differently when I get the script. Scratch that. I don’t know if I should say this, but I think Kendall and Zach make a really great couple. It’s incredibly interesting for Ryan, who obviously doesn’t get along with Zach, to have this connection with Kendall, which is even deeper than just love for each other. They share a child. A fan said to me that it’s like a Sonny/Carly kind of relationship, which I think is a really cool relationship.
Kaye: Zach is Carly?
Mathison: Or Sonny. You can see it both ways. All My Children doesn’t really have a couple like that. Ryan’s been such a jerk. I don’t know if fans are going to be able to see past all that. So if this is a triangle, it won’t be just a slam dunk.
Kaye: It is a triangle. If Ryan is going to be a father to this child, that’s a big deal. If Zach loves this woman, he has to also love her if she chooses Ryan to be the man to raise this kid.
Weekly: Why do Zach and Ryan hate each other so much?
Kaye: It’s too easy to say they hate each other because they want the same woman. It would be a lot more interesting if Zach pushed Ryan toward Kendall because he doesn’t think he’s right for her, and if Ryan let him, even though he would rather be with his own wife [Greenlee], who left him. I’ve never had that happen to me. It’s got to be tough.
Mathison: It’s happened to me several times, actually. It’s not good.
Weekly: Who’s the villain here?
Kaye: Zach, but I don’t see why. Sure he lied about who he was when he came to town, but Ryan lied that he was dead and he’s in the clear. Even that was Zach’s fault. But I want to see how Kendall being pregnant with Ryan’s baby is Zach’s fault. I’m sure it will be.
Weekly: Will Ryan start to love Kendall more now that she’s giving him a baby?
Kaye: Probably. Plus, Greenlee’s gone. A man’s got to hit on something.
Weekly: Was there a fight that started all this?
Mathison: The casino night party when Ryan got shot, right?
Kaye: Way before that. And, by the way, I didn’t shoot you. It was when Erica was in Vegas and you showed up and said “I’m trying to help her,” and she said, “Oh, my God, you’re the one who tried to lock me up in Vegas.” Yeah, because you were a drunk with a bad wig. That’s why I locked you up.
Mathison: Even before that.
Kaye: Well, we fought from the first time we met, but we can’t talk about that. It was really because I was so much better on Port Charles than you are on this show. That’s not really a character thing.
Mathison: (Ignoring him) How about the fact that Ryan got all the money from Zach’s father? That goes back even further. It didn’t bother you that I had a connection with your dad that you never had?
Kaye: Nope.
Mathison: I don’t believe you.
Kaye: I didn’t like the man. I don’t give a f--- what he does with his money.
Mathison: It kind of pisses me off that it doesn’t bother you. They’ve been writing the fact that Ryan thinks maybe it pisses you off, but you’re right, it never comes from you.
Weekly (to Mathison): Is it hard for you to work with someone so much more handsome than you?
Mathison: It’s not easy. The pressure! I have my own lighting specialist who comes in to help me out. I spend more time in hair and makeup now.
Kaye: Do you think you should spend less time in the deli?
Mathison: I’ve been told that. I’ve been told that the older I get, the more layers of clothing I’m going to have to wear.
Kaye: I saw pictures of you from when you had a six-pack. When did you change that to a 12-pack? When did you change that to a case?
Mathison: I’ve got to go . . .
Weekly (to Kaye): Are you offering to be his personal trainer?
Kaye: No, not me. My body stopped being a temple a long time ago.
Mathison: One of the things that I respect about Thorsten is that he takes his diet and his physical regime very seriously. He never goes off it. That includes going to a gym named Prohibition almost every night. And he has these high-protein, low-calorie doughnuts that he eats every morning, which are incredible. And a protein shake that looks like beer.
Kaye: Who is it that orders a pound of bacon every morning?
Mathison: Yeah, I do go to extremes a little when I order my food.
Weekly: Do you guys run lines together?
Kaye: Yes.