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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Thorsten Kaye
Outstanding Performer of the Week of May 22

Soap Opera Weekly

by JD, Published June 20, 2006

Thorsten Kaye bore the entire weight of several deeply emotional scenes solo when All My Children's Zach sequestered himself with his comatose, pregnant wife and held those vulnerable lives in his hands.

Yet despite shouldering twice the load, Kaye once again demonstrated that less is more, communicating Zach's pain by dialing down his responses. Kaye prompted himself and manufactured the reactions he needed in scene after scene with just the sleeping Kendall. The only rejoinder the actor was given was a twitch of Kendall's hand -- but that was enough to light Zach's eyes with desperate hope. (When Julia dismissed the motion as involuntary, Zach summarily booted her.)

Alone with Zach's Sleeping Beauty, Kaye struggled with every word and fidgeted with his hands to reflect how Zach was laboring with not only what to say, but how to hold onto his resolve. He lovingly skimmed one of those hands over Kendall's belly as he mused about their future with Spike. "We have a life to plan," he insisted. Kaye's voice cracked as Zach pleaded with her to wake up. "Spike needs his mom," he gasped. "I need you, too."

And there it was. Zach was respecting his new wife's wishes by placing her son's life before hers. Kaye's expressive eyes betrayed his character's inner turmoil, because Kendall's wishes certainly were not Zach's. "I can't let you die," he choked to his bride.

The slight quivering of Zach's voice and glistening in his eyes were small touches on Kaye's part that evoked the quiet Zach's monumental emotions. Instead of showing Zach's pain, Kaye's artistry allowed viewers to feel it.