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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Soap Opera Weekly

Published September 13, 2005

Recent fads I admit to trying:  cross-dressing and ballroom dancing.
Favorite actor:  A. J. Freeley (of the Miami Dolphins).
Favorite actress:  Jenna Jameson.
Favorite movie:  Chariots of Fire.
Favorite TV show:   SportsCenter.
Favorite Singer:  Bob Guiney.
If I could only keep one household applicance, it would be:  Beer fridge.
Something you'd be surprised to know about me:  I have a beer fridge.
Currently reading:  Yes.
Favorite book:  You Caught Me Kissing: A Love Story, by Dorothy Bridges. Favorite food:  Tuna tacos at Prohibition.
Least favorite food:  Tuna tacos anywhere else.
Favorite comfort food:  Beer in green bottles.
Favorite song:  The All My Children theme song.
If I had one wish, it would be:  to have three more wishes.
Most treasured possession:  McKenna Kaye.
Most embarrassing moment:  This is only a one-page feature.
Favorite item of clothing:  Anything with a Red Wing on it.
Something that makes me see red:  the 2002 Red Wings.
If I could live anywhwere, it would be:  Port Charles.
Celebrity I'm most often mistaken for:  Danny Glover.
What I dislike most about my appearance:  Are you kidding?!
Quality I like most in a mate:  Obviously, tolerance.
What I would title my autobiography:  I Am Not Cameron Mathison.
Person I would choose to play me in a movie about my life:  Danny Glover.
Favorite place in my house:  next to my daughter.
Sound that most annoys me:  Carolyn Hinsey making me answer these questions.
Favorite weekend activity:  Watching hockey.
Best one word or short phrase that describes me:  Almost late.
Bad habit I wish I could break:  Not doing press.
My epitaph:  "I never saw it coming."

What I would title my autobiography:

I Am Not Cameron Mathison