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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Hello Again

PC's Thorsten Kaye

Soap Opera Weekly

Published May 16, 2000

"Sexy and good-looking," Thorsten Kaye says with a laugh, describing his Port Charles character, Dr. Ian Thornhart.  Ian is the brother of Patrick, whom Kaye played on One Life to Live from 1995-1997.

"Ian certainly has an attitude, but I don't think it comes from a bad place," Kaye says.  "He wants to do the right thing, but sometimes you do things that would work for you but they may not work for other people.  He's done most of his work in a Third World country where he can't sit down and try to discuss some e-mails with someone.  It has to be done then and there."

Kaye is an active participant in the development of his new role.  "I think this is a great thing, to play somebody's brother.  You don't have to start all over.  There was a book published, Patrick's Notebook.  I gave them that.  I will sit down and talk with them when they're ready.  It's going to come together depening on how characters work with each other."

Kaye, who has had a handful of movie and television roles since leaving OLTL, has one wish for Ian:  "That he's consistent.  If he's bad, he's bad, if he's good, he's good.  But let's not make him somebody with secrets that come out much later that I don't know about.  Dramatic form means that somebody has more information than somebody else.  If it's the actors, great.  If it's the audience, great. If the audience knows as much as the actor, then you don't have drama."