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Patrick Thornhart, OLTL

TV Guide

by Michael Logan, Published August 24, 1996

Patrick Thornhart fever is raging! The poetry-spouting Irish swain of One Life to Live- played by Liam Neeson-ish he-man Thorsten Kaye - is the subject of two sites on the World Wide Web and a fan-created newsletter called The Patrick Papers. And in November, publisher Hyperion will issue Patrick's Notebook, a journal of the character's private revelations, punctuated with the love poems of Byron, Shelley, and Shakespeare.

Kaye, who joined the soap only last year but already gets more mail than any other OLTL star, says, "I hope it helps our ratings. I get a cut, so of course I hope it makes money. But I also hope kids will pick it up, especially the ones who have the same belief I did - that poetry is only for twerpy people who wear glasses."